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The practice of Ashtanga Yoga is a perfect match for sessions in privacy. A practitioner develops an own personal practice, which can be adjusted to time, space and circumstances. Once a solid foundation is established, one can practice independently and safely anytime and anywhere in the whole life. The key for a beneficial practice is to do what is possible then nothing at all.


In private sessions Stefanie allocates her time entirely to the practitioner and that specific moment we are together. We focus on what is and integrate it in the practice of the day.


Stefanie also pays attention to the tiny hidden habits, sensations and limits that may occur during the practice with the best intention helping the practitioner to elevate awareness while holding space for practitioner’s personal Yoga experience.


All reasons to begin with a Yoga practice are valuable. Baring the individual goal in mind, Stefanie supports directly and compassionately on integrating a yoga practice and helps to maintain it as we celebrate achievements and encourage to work through challenges together.


Personal goals, f.e. improving the flexibility, reducing stress or learning to relax, we define precisely and adjust them over time, so Stefanie can take those changes into account while guiding you gradually along the private practice.


Over time the individual practice needs a new point of view. Stefanie inspires to research for new aspects on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to refine the practice in a beneficial way.


Special health concerns or injuries Stefanie addresses specifically, so she is able to form the practice as a supportive tool within the healing process. Our network of doctors and therapists will be integrated to enhance it.


Together we view the best possibilities of a home practice and establish it gradually with Stefanie's consistent and encouraging support.



Stefanie honours the lineage of Ashtanga Yoga with all her heart. She has devoted herself to share the practice aligned with it and applies what is needed most in the moment of a practitioner’s process and the best way she can.


Stefanie’s presence and smile encourage students, linger compassion for any state of a personal practice, because it is not always comfortable, and motivate to build a long-lasting bond between practitioner and teacher. She holds space for the practitioners needs and creates a safe environment.


The true teacher is the practice. Stefanie respects this fact sacredly, views herself as a listener and observer for an accurate assistance help practitioners in an assertive yet gentle manner to find and build their connectivity to themselves and yoga or to achieve their goals gradually. Her respectful hands-on adjustment and simple explanations support her approach in a beneficial way.


Stefanie believes, there exists no definite answer, rather then an organic learning and evolution of the work together with a practitioner. Review and feedback conversations are tools of acknowledging change and help to adapt the student’s process successfully.


Ashtanga Yoga is a holistic system, its benefits are proven with more than thousands years of history. Additionally, Stefanie works with a network of doctors and therapists to take care of a specific request or need and weave it with the practitioner’s practice.


Accountability is one of Stefanie’s great values. A safe room for an enjoyable practice and the gift of reliability is given by a clear and easy policy.


Stefanie has been practicing the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga for eight years. She has compassionately been researching it, its intercorrelation with life as well as its integrity in being a mother and family, relationships and collectivity. She follows wholeheartedly her deep need for an outlet of service.