Be a blessing to somebody!

  — Dr. Maya Angelou


Stefanie practices traditional Ashtanga Yoga since 2008. She began with Andreas Loh in Berlin and continued to study with Isa Guitana (authorized level 1 by KPJAYI) at Casa Vinaysa Lisbon from 2010 until 2015. When invited to become Isa Guitana’s first assistant in 2010, she developed with her the assistant program, learnt intensively and received the blessing to teach. Her offer were Mysore Style and Led classes, private sessions, beginners and pre-natal workshops. Since 2016, Stefanie deepens her studies with Francisco Rodrigues (authorized level 2 by KPJAYI) at Yoga Lisboa. Moreover, she learns from Lara Lima at Bem-me-quero, Coimbra the holistic program “Plan M&B – a way to a healthy and conscious pregnancy” based on Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurvedic knowledge. Currently, Stefanie specialises in private sessions for expats, pregnant women and holidaymakers as well as offers workshops.

Ashtanga Yoga has become an intrinsic part of Stefanie and a source for healing, growth and joy. She has been researching it compassionately for cultivating inner freedom, its intercorrelation with life as well as its integrity in being a mother and family, relationships and collectivity. She follows wholeheartedly her deep need for an outlet of service. 

Before Stefanie’s life dedication to Yoga she studied economics and specified with a Diploma of Media-Science in 2004, Berlin. As an account manager she worked in TV, film and internet. After Ramsgate/England, Berlin/Germany she moved to Lisbon/Portugal in March 2010 and lives now with her son Zion Santosha in Carcavelos.

Stefanie resides in deep gratitude for Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, (Guruji, 1915-2009) and the Jois family, his grandson and current lineage holder Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois, his daughter, Saraswati Jois, and son Manju Jois as well as his granddaughter Sharmila Mahesh for their eternal dedication to sharing the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga worldwide.

I love to connect.

Dear Stef,
You are one of the most beautiful and inspiring human beings I've met. Your light is undeniable. You are an amazing mom and Zion is blessed for having you. Thank you for your precious care and support, I love you with all my heart.

— Ana Juma, 24, Social Media Manager at Mindvalley

Stefanie has changed our whole family in such a deep way. She is probably one of the most committed and generous professionals I have come across. Her deep knowledge, love for what she does and serious discipline come together in a very life changing Yoga experience. 

— Luiza Teixeira de Freitas

Dear Stef,
You taught me so much, and I will forever cherish the way you always emphasised that yoga and life are inseparable. The way you read people through their practice is invaluable.

— Maria Rita Furtado

“I appreciate Stefanie`s extreme commitment and patience, as well her dedication to developing a personalized Yoga experience”.

— anonymous

Dear Stef,
You were always special person for me, you are responsible for i love yoga, and i never forget you.

—  Sandra Costa

The private sessions of Yoga with Stefanie
are great moments of sharing, where I learn as much about Yoga as I learn about connecting with my body and trying to be a better person.

—  anonymous

Dear Stef, 
You taught me a lot, not just the asanas, but more important to me, to surrender, let go, respect myself and my process.

— Carlota de Sá, lawyer


The room, that is created by the roles of practitioner and teacher, holds space for two souls. In there lies the precious opportunity to evolve a bond in between. This bond is sacred. It shows, where we connect and what it means to you, to me and us. It expresses, that all you have shared with me, is inside of you.