"The beginning defines the process. Always.
But where is the beginning?"

 — Lara Lima, Ayurvedic Doula

Pregnant Women

The seed of worthiness, love and mindfulness can be planted in the womb. What a baby feels during pregnancy forms already its conditioning. We care for both, the becoming mother and the new being and engage with them in their process to allow the pregnancy unfold healthy and consciously. Steeping into it at any possible time, we hold space for what is truthful for the becoming mother and support her in connecting with her intuition and owning her journey.

As an Ayurvedic Doula, Stefanie works with Lara Lima and her developed “Plan M&P by Lara Lima” . It is based on Ayurvedic knowledge and Ashtanga Yoga. It consists of a modified practice of Ashtanga Yoga and massages, talks and preparation workshops, psychological support and sessions inviting the father as well as an Ayurvedic nutrition plan, tailored to the becoming mom’s and baby’s needs and desires.

If you feel prenatal Yoga or the “Plan M&B” is calling your interest, please contact Stefanie!