how a discovery of a golf course leads to the New Year's resolution 🤔

Hey hey!

As a generous gift, Zion and I spent some days at the Quinta da Marinha Resort in Cascais over the NYE. It specializes in Golf. 

Our curiosity's always big. We took a walk around the marvelous and perfectly clean Golf course. As we like it, we got off track to explore the details. 

The grass, the holes, the obstacles, and these little cars that take the players from one shot to the next. 

The course was almost empty and very quiet. Alone we were left in awe until a car's brakes creaked loudly. A security guard walked up to us with giant steps and a serious face. In Portuguese, he asked us to leave the course and go back to the main ways. For security reasons. 

Ok! I took Zion's hand, walked off with him while explaining the reason. 

As you can imagine, kids don't put up with it. Especially not Zion, who questions everything. I had no more arguments than saying, these are the rules here, and we follow them. 

Zion took his moment to get his head around it. No, he pointed out confidently, the rule is to SHARE. 

That's a statement.

I kept pondering it and came to this conclusion for a brand new year.

Let's 2019 be your year to share, well, YOU!

For becoming a more content and fulfilled human. 

Keep discovering you!
Keep practicing you!

Share all of you first and foremost with yourself. Don't hold back. 
Make it specific! Dig deep! Be consistent!

Express love!
Bring your talents and gifts into this world! 
Find a path through anxiety and loneliness! 
Name your failures and count how often you get up! 
Seek new ways!
Take opportunities wisely!
Dare to do something out of your comfort zone!
Be bold to rise! 
Stay strong and make happenings to you - for you! 
Redefine beauty!
Speak up! 
Know your worth!
Live your joy! 
Show kindness! 
Invest in yourself! 
Keep growing!
And, share! 

Because, it's through our stories, we connect. 
Your learnings matter. Your insights count. Your story's relevant.

Just saying! 

A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 for you! 
Go and do it!

With so much love and excitement 💗! 

Always, your stef

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