I've heard this quite often lately:  yes, I want to start yoga. But my plate’s already full. 

I can relate. 

In this way: life viewed from the outside, many of us have got full schedules, take on responsibilities, are parents, manage a business, meet challenges. Then, in the midst of the juggle sometimes an skiing accident happens, the car breaks down, the insurance doesn’t pay, the child gets sick and surely, there’ll be never ever enough time.

Mine’s full too - we're sharing it in common. 
But can life be just it, Im asking?


Over the course of my personal practice, Ashtanga Yoga’s become the source of my life than something extra “on my plate”. 

And - I never “have” this practice anyway. It’s there for me. Anytime. I step on my mat, move through the postures, breath, listen and let it go again. 

My practice of Ashtanga yoga has taught me to feel a deep appreciation for all the bits and pieces in my life, which I puzzle patiently. By adapting time, space and circumstance to my practice I generally receive what I need, I learn what is important and surrender to what is. 

I don’t moan about challenges, I meet them. 
I don’t hold up the mask of strength, I allow myself to be vulnerable as a measurement of courage. 
I don’t think about what I don’t have, I express gratitude for who and what is in my life. 
I don’t fight, I let go of what I cannot change. 

I feel better -  like more peace of mind, more loving, more compassionate, more generous, healthier, more to share and contribute, more presence, more time, more joy even in the tiniest of the tiniest steps and moments - and that all with a tight schedule and little sleep and surprises around the corner.

Not lying here. I loose. I fail. Too and a lot. 
But thanks god, there’s this practice I can engage with and I’ll try it all over again. 
Then there's trust. And my closest friend to pick me up. Precious! 


You see, I haven’t met anyone within 10 years practicing Ashtanga Yoga, who comes to this practice because she or he is absolutely ok with life - no worries about money, a beautiful relationship, happy family, dream job. 

I don’t think, it’s going to happen. 

Yet, Ive encountered people, who did have all of it and still, they were left with questions about themselves. Also, health issues, unclarity, self-doubt, depression, lack of confidence, loosing weight, reinvention and there’re so many more reasons that may call you for yoga.


Go! With a tight schedule, big changes in life, like a mess, in need. That IS the right time. Come when the call is there and make YOURSELF IMPORTANT. Ashtanga Yoga is WITH YOU. 

Speaking from the results, that I feel honoured to have witnessed by practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga, I happen to believe, when you chose Ashtanga Yoga your life will shine through a different light. You nourish yourself internally and so will your health and time, your responsibilities, parenting and your business benefit from it too.

In the end isn’t it about you transcending in your life with the WHY and the HOW you design it? These answers can only be found inside of you. 

Your plate maybe still full but taste differently, that’s what I’m trying to express. 


If you’re on the fence to give Ashtanga Yoga a try, the best I recommend is to actually do it. This practice is experimental. You need to feel, if this is it. In case it is, then we’ll figure out a plan for you!

And, inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book “BIG MAGIC” play a little bit with the “Trickster”. 

Make the practice fit to your schedule, to your nature! To have an easier access to it.  Ashtanga Yoga’s an autonomous practice. Once you begin to remember the series you’re able to practice safely anytime, anywhere. As I already shared with you, the practice adapts to time, space and circumstances. 


Practice options

One advantage of Private Sessions is, that we can find the best option to fit it into your schedule and get you going. For more information, please click on this eMail address and ask:! 

Moreover, there’s one spot left in the Small Group Program in Estoril, which serves with the advantages of Private Teaching. We’re maximum four practitioners with love and a deep interest in Ashtanga Yoga. You’re so welcome to share it with us. Just send me an eMail to

In Lisbon, there are Ashtanga Yoga Group Classes at Aravinda Yoga Shala.
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:45 - 14:14 hrs. Could it be your lunch break?


If you already practice, wonderful! Keep it up; let it inspire and teach you! Commit and recommit over again and see how your life unfolds in front of you. 

I love to discuss questions and doubts and shares, so please feel free to send an email or leave a comment below! What keeps you away to give Ashtanga Yoga a trial? How can you change it? 

Very much looking forward to hearing back from you! 

love hug! 

Your Stef




With the beginning of September a new season starts. School begins again. 

In the air has been lingering a mixture of curiosity and change. A different structure for the daily life for me, my son Zion and maybe for you and your family as well. A look into the unknown, what it may bring, offer and serve with. 

How have you been working it all out?

Instead of rushing through, establishing fast a new rhythm and filling the gabs, this round Im taking my time. 

The book Im reading currently “Der Elefant, der das Glück vergaß“ from Buddhist Monk Ajahn Brahm spoke about “the in-between-moment”. It made me aware, that in those moments of change Im able to breath through life freely and to actually create.  The puzzle can be put together from the beginning and surely it’ll hold excitement, challenges, growth and love. 

When I take action and do my best to “puzzle”, the universe will do its part too. Im safe, because it’ll work out the way it needs to be. 

It’s the same Ive experienced in my practice of Ashtanga Yoga. 

I had events during my practice, when my mind was already in the next pose while performing the previous one. What usually happened, was this: I forgot the pose I was thinking off, I didn’t breathe properly in the one I was in or I simply functioned in the position rather than being in it. Becoming aware of the little yet effective hints in my personal practice, I figured being present must be the better choice no matter how hectic my mind is - or in life - how strong the whirlwind of change around me is.

“The in-between-moment” is rich, soil for creation and so worth to engage with. 
It brings curiosity, excitement and courage. It's an invitation to stand up for what needs to be changed anyway and do it. 

Presence and movement working perfectly together. 


Speaking of Ashtanga Yoga ;)!
Here are the the practice options and I hope, you're inspired.  


Join us for the Ashtanga Yoga Session on the beach on 9 September, 9:30a, at Praia da Duquesa, Cascais, Portugal. 

We are celebrating my sons 4 years and my 40th birthday. You’re very welcome! It’s my gift to you.

For the SUP and Kids Yoga session please reserve your spot till 8 September 2p:

The full invite you may want to read here. We’d love to see you there and share a morning with you on the beach. 


We’re continuing the lunch classes at former Yoga Lisboa at Downtown Lisbon with 

Tuesdays 12:30p Mysore/1p Led - 2p and Thursdays 12:30 - 2p Mysore  @Travessa do Cabral N4, close to Elevador da Bica. 

Please send me an eMail for more details:

You’re very welcome to experience this incredible and irresistible practice. Once you’ve tasted it, you want it over and over again ;). 


Rent a Farm - magical spot

Xico, the owner of Yoga Lisboa, is travelling and renting out his farm. When you’re interested, see the link here and PM Xico to be informed. His eMail is:


Im inviting you to explore a private session with me with 50% off the current price.
Bring along a friend and learn about the benefits and the deep results of this direct and close guidance. 

Drop an eMail to and let’s schedule a session! 

Prasarita Padottanasana C

Prasarita Padottanasana C

And you? How did you you manage to start into the new season?
Leave a comment below! Im looking forward to hearing from you!

Meantime, we’ll catch us in the midst of the whirlwind! 
Calm and in forward motion! 

Have a great season! 

Your Stef