In the beginning of November this year here in Lisbon we have been blessed with a beautiful autumn weather. Sunny, mild and salty humidity in the air. With one of my private practitioners,  we took the chance to practice outside in her new house. 

In the middle of our session we paused.
To witness - a squirrel in the middle of Lisbon. 

The video is a bit dark, but with attention you may spot it. 

Real Yoga. A present moment of awe and integrity. 

Now, when she is in struggle of daily life, I always remind her of how sudden we were able to loose ourselves in this moment of awe, to connect again with a sensation of peace. 

Essential is to know, stillness is inside of you, me and us. And always available. We just need to allow us to disconnect from the outer world and breathe, trust that all around us is at its place, in its pace and surrender to it every lil' now and then.