Bring out the best of yourself! (Psst, a glass of wine can help 🍷)

How's it going? 

Well, I'm fighting my hangover today. I can't even tell you the last time I drank a bottle of Monte Velho red wine. From today's headache speaking it must be a while. 

My A-wesome girlfriend Camilla and I started nipping a glass of wine while having dinner and got involved in a conversation. We quickly build it up to a hot steam debate about life and shared stories with wild gesticulating arms (me), wide-open eyes and straight-forward questions. 

Kiddos, by the way, were happily awake too! Our Carnival! 🙃

When Camilla's husband Nuno arrived home, we got the fact, that we totally lost time and had finished the wine realizing tomorrow would be W-W-Wednesday!! Speak: no sleeping in.

Anyway, the uplift of a spontaneous evening like this is so refreshing; I don't even care about my headache. And here's what I'd love to share with you from our conversation on motherhood.

When you want to bring out the best in your child, you'll need to bring out the best in yourself. I mean not only physically (aka looking stunning - and I know you do) but emotionally, intellectually, spiritually.

You'll need to challenge yourself to design the most vivid life and own it from the most honest and comprehensive place inside of you.

It's an ongoing, ever-changing process. There's always something new to discover, explore, work through. And your kid(s) walk(s) along with you and learn(s) by example.

It requires courage, strength and hard work as a sense of self-love and not only the strict discipline to pursue what you love.

And that's, where I think, my regular practice of Ashtanga Yoga, got me on track. To be able to develop this incredible stamina and will to grow and build my path every step along steadily. 

And the most beautiful fact of it all is this: 


Aren't we here to help each other, I'm asking?

I took this wise snippet from the book "Big magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's one of my favorite of all times because it helped me significantly to understand essential insights from my Ashtanga Yoga practice.

I'm curious, *|FNAME|*, are you willing to do better every new day?
How do you thrive? And if it applies to you, how has your Ashtanga Yoga practice helped you so far?

Send me an email to roomformyself@gmail.comand share! 
Because you're needed to "enrich and inform our own lives" - taken from "Big Magic". 

Here's to Wednesdays and a good glass of wine! 

With SO SO MUCH LOVE  ❤️🙏! 
Your Stef

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P.P.S.: Because of such dedicated and adorable students I've extended the schedule for the group classes at Aravinda Yoga Shala Lisbon (Rua Garrett 80, 4°), beginning from March 2019. Here it goes: 

  • 1. Tuesday in a month: LED CLASS 12:45 - 14:15 hrs. 

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: MYSORE STYLE 12:45 - 14:30 hrs. 

  • School opens 12:35 Hrs

Your first experimental class is absolutely free! Feel welcome! 
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Okay, okay. Im still working on my Newsletter List. Its copy-paste work and not my fav. Yet so essential work to reach you. That's what Id love to.

Again, Im using my blog to share with you my 2nd Newsletter. From April on, I'll post monthly on the last Wednesday of a month and share my insights with you about the direct link from Ashtanga Yoga on the mat to daily ordinary life. My goal is to make Yoga tangible as such a rich source. YOGA IS EVERYDAY LIFE. EVERYDAY LIFE IS YOGA. 

Thank you reading through my story. 

So, how you have been these days?

Probably... busy! That's ok. 

I emphasize with you. 

Days are coming and going. You're slinging from one appointment to the other, fulfilling your roles the best way you can and having a good word for everyone around you. On top of all that, sometimes in the mind may slip this thought about the Yoga Practice with a huge sigh. Oh dear, that's what I was going to do too, but couldn't fit it in yet. 

I hear you, and know the lil' hidden resistance to integrate a consistent personal practice. In the beginning it seems like, it takes time from your tight schedule but in fact, once you'll allow it into life, it'll create so much more room through health and presence, clarity and determination. 

But wait, hang in a minute! Yoga is so much more than a practice on the mat. Yoga is life, everyday life. It can be, for example, music. Im sure, you know that freeing feeling of singing in your car, grooving around your house or just drifting away somewhere inspired by lyrics and notes into your ears and heart. 

Music plays a significant role in my life as it has the capacity to translate emotions,, interrelations, phases, cycles of daily life in such a connective, if not spiritual way.

My son's name Zion is inspired by Lauryn Hill's song "To Zion". 

About 15 years ago my sister Carolin and I went on a trip through France all the way down to Barcelona. Young and adventurous, we hit the road and music was our best companion. I remember, that "To Zion" was always on the loop in my earphones, when I spent time with me and my thoughts. Little did I understand about her message in this song but I felt deeply touched by it. Only, when my son was conceived this song came straight back into my memory. I listened to it again, understood the story and my heart felt like arrived. This was the moment, I chose my son's name. 

You know, at the time before my pregnancy, I had poured my heart into Ashtanga Yoga already for two years; into my personal practice as well as learning how to teach it. Basically, it was 24/7 and I loved it. Also, my life was still pretty unstable as I didn't know, how my journey would unfold. I came to Portugal with a suitcase by car, dedicated my life to Yoga, fell in love and with a huge surprise I was becoming a mom. Gulp! Yes. That's how I felt. 

Here is what I learnt. 

Life IS full of surprises. Especially with those ones we weren't asking for. Right?  
Ashtanga Yoga helped me at a time of fear and scary insecurity to connect deeply with my intuition, with my womanhood and undeniable strength. It became crystal clear that no single circumstance would hold me back from being the mom chosen by my son Zion. And Lauryn Hill's song"To Zion" so much helped me to live and own my story.

Music is pretty amazing and definitely a kinda Yoga. Think about a song that touches you! Ask yourself why!

It'll take you out of your schedule for lil' moment and connect you to your heart, soul, body - you name it, how you feel it! You can dance and sing along too ;). 

When you like, share with your friends, comment below and tell me your story. 

I'd be so grateful to hear from you. 

Meantime, just know, Im looking forward to be practicing with you and seeing what may unfold. 

With love and stay tuned ;).

Your Stef

P.S.: My current schedule

PERSONAL YOGA (1-6 ppl) 
Mondays through Fridays, 7a-12p  
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 2:30p - 4p
along the coastline from Lisbon to Cascais

Mondays & Fridays 12:30-2p @Yoga Lisboa
Travessa do Cabral N4, Lisbon

My sis, Zion & me = L.O.V.E.

My sis, Zion & me = L.O.V.E.


"Home is inside of me" was the topic of the workshop I was able to share with the International Women Portugal (IWP). With an inspiring group of more than 20 women from all over the world we got to explore the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, its healing system and capacity of helping find a room inside oneself that is called home. 

We asked questions: How am I feeling today? How do I feel my body? What does it mean - home? 

For me, home is a room of safety and protection, love, care and truth. It is where I show up and I'm heard in a scared environment, seen in the present moment, the way I am, able to respond, to feel, to engage, embrace, encounter. All the beauty, the "in love" moments and all the brutality, the "in pain" moments. Over nine years Ive learnt with Ashtanga Yoga to create and build such a room inside me. With compassion and lots of roller coaster rides. There is no such great feeling of being connected with myself through my body, which allows me to connect with others and engage with life. 



Last week had some events to offer. Along with my memories of the workshop with IWP I'm sharing here my moments in my personal Yoga studies and teaching. 

Sharmila Desai, one of the few women, who are certified by the KPJAYI came to Portugal from 9 - 12 February, to share her wisdom and joy of Ashtanga Yoga with us at Ashtanga Yoga Cascais. Actually, receiving her teaching was a rare opportunity, since she has barely traveled for giving workshops. Besides her practice and work, she chose to fully live her role as a mom of her two kids.

Sharmila published a book instead, together with Anna Wise in 2014. It carries the title "Yoga Sadhana" for mothers, and it's about the role and integrity of Ashtanga Yoga during pregnancy, in motherhood and family life.  To me the book has become a dear friend. As written in the introduction, it's given me "strength, peace of mind, and joy" along the journey of motherhood. I reread it over and over again, take my notes, (my son has left his pencil marks too...) and I use it often, when working with pregnant women. This book was so needed. It shares wisdom, love and such precious diversity helping pregnant women and mothers to engage in their own journey and Yoga path wholeheartedly and faithfully. 

Therefore, I was so excited to meet her and am very grateful to have studied with her.  Sharmila teaches gently and caring from an inner place filled with truth, beauty and integrity. It touched me with love in my own process; I could embrace "what is" with grace and patience. 


Last but not least, @Green Lotus we've began to teach Ashtanga Yoga classes. Green Lotus is a community project run by my friend Miriam. She is a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, a dear mom of her two year old boy and a woman with her own rules and dreams. 

Our classes are Mondays and Wednesdays 3 - 4:30 p. 

They are given in an open house, where everybody is welcome to stay and relax. 
Also the environment of Guincho invites to an escape or break or moment of joy. 


My thoughts this quiet early morning about being a mom

I love being a mom. It seems to me the most natural role I can envision as a woman. My highest responsibility as a mom is to become the best version of myself and to live it as a journey.     With my son Zion I want to share my concepts, my tools and joy of life along the path and hold his space, where he unfolds and takes over gradually. I want him to experience, that life is change. And I hope, he will reflect on what he as learnt, shreds my tools, approves or evolves them and develops freely his life, trusts and owns it wholeheartedly. Off he is going... 

I love being a mom. It seems to me the most natural role I can envision as a woman. My highest responsibility as a mom is to become the best version of myself and to live it as a journey. 

With my son Zion I want to share my concepts, my tools and joy of life along the path and hold his space, where he unfolds and takes over gradually. I want him to experience, that life is change. And I hope, he will reflect on what he as learnt, shreds my tools, approves or evolves them and develops freely his life, trusts and owns it wholeheartedly. Off he is going...