Do this at Xmas and you'll have a wonderful time in family 🤩

Ho ho ho! 

Christmas 2016 was a gamechanger for my family. 
In truth--- my new patchwork family. 

The year before my parents separated after 41 years marriage and moved on with their new partners. This year I went rock bottom too. The worst I've had in my life yet. 

Besides maintaining my Ashtanga Yoga practice, I also started writing again. Both saved me. 

Every morning before sunrise and stepping on my mat I turned on a little light, lightened a candle, opened a clean page in my journal and answered questions, clarified and did affirmation in this precious quiet morning hour. 

It crossed my mind that short writing would be an A-wesome idea for Xmas too. Start small, I thought! 

I went to buy the little Moleskine notebooks for every family member, wrote a personal note with three questions and wrapped it up like the most enticing Xmas present ever. 

In the beginning, my family showed resistance. Of course! That's how we humans are wired. Everything new is a No. They did it anyway because of love and followed through the questions. 

After that, everyone could share what she or he felt comfortable with. 

Magic moments were unfolding. We could discover each other, spoke about our feelings regarding the change, the place we felt in the new patchwork family and discussed beliefs, concepts of life and dreams. 

After my sis' boyfriend DJ-ed for everyone, my grandmother with 87 years over to my five-year-old son Zion. Rock-roll on Christmas! 

Just to say, that now it's become our ritual. Everybody loves it. 

Suggestion: take these three writings for your family and see how it goes. And family means the ones you love. 

Here we go: 

I'm grateful for: 
Here you can refer to every little thing in your life, personal, material, emotional, spiritual. Know, that gratitude is a generous place to live your life from. It allows you your joy when it flows in the right direction and grace when you've got to face your challenges. 

What would make my day great?:
Zion would say spending time on the ocean, a new rocket ship, and a pizza :)). Chose what's important to you on this day!

It's affirmation. You speak in the present tense about how you see yourself and where you want to expand to.

The result of this writing exercise turns out best when you do it daily. Use all the Xmas days and see what happens. You can throw the party after too 🎄. 

Let me know in the comments below how the experience happened! Because sharing our stories makes us feel connected. I'd be thrilled to hear from you!

Merry Christmas 2018! 
Enjoy 🌟! 

In gratitude ♡. 

Your Stef

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