"Home is inside of me" was the topic of the workshop I was able to share with the International Women Portugal (IWP). With an inspiring group of more than 20 women from all over the world we got to explore the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, its healing system and capacity of helping find a room inside oneself that is called home. 

We asked questions: How am I feeling today? How do I feel my body? What does it mean - home? 

For me, home is a room of safety and protection, love, care and truth. It is where I show up and I'm heard in a scared environment, seen in the present moment, the way I am, able to respond, to feel, to engage, embrace, encounter. All the beauty, the "in love" moments and all the brutality, the "in pain" moments. Over nine years Ive learnt with Ashtanga Yoga to create and build such a room inside me. With compassion and lots of roller coaster rides. There is no such great feeling of being connected with myself through my body, which allows me to connect with others and engage with life. 



Last week had some events to offer. Along with my memories of the workshop with IWP I'm sharing here my moments in my personal Yoga studies and teaching. 

Sharmila Desai, one of the few women, who are certified by the KPJAYI came to Portugal from 9 - 12 February, to share her wisdom and joy of Ashtanga Yoga with us at Ashtanga Yoga Cascais. Actually, receiving her teaching was a rare opportunity, since she has barely traveled for giving workshops. Besides her practice and work, she chose to fully live her role as a mom of her two kids.

Sharmila published a book instead, together with Anna Wise in 2014. It carries the title "Yoga Sadhana" for mothers, and it's about the role and integrity of Ashtanga Yoga during pregnancy, in motherhood and family life.  To me the book has become a dear friend. As written in the introduction, it's given me "strength, peace of mind, and joy" along the journey of motherhood. I reread it over and over again, take my notes, (my son has left his pencil marks too...) and I use it often, when working with pregnant women. This book was so needed. It shares wisdom, love and such precious diversity helping pregnant women and mothers to engage in their own journey and Yoga path wholeheartedly and faithfully. 

Therefore, I was so excited to meet her and am very grateful to have studied with her.  Sharmila teaches gently and caring from an inner place filled with truth, beauty and integrity. It touched me with love in my own process; I could embrace "what is" with grace and patience. 


Last but not least, @Green Lotus we've began to teach Ashtanga Yoga classes. Green Lotus is a community project run by my friend Miriam. She is a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, a dear mom of her two year old boy and a woman with her own rules and dreams. 

Our classes are Mondays and Wednesdays 3 - 4:30 p. 

They are given in an open house, where everybody is welcome to stay and relax. 
Also the environment of Guincho invites to an escape or break or moment of joy.