On my last blog post I received a wonderful feedback. I thank you for that!!!

It was not just about the fact, that I had the generous chance to present my work in the magazine “Lideranço no feminino” as a supplement in the newspaper Público. Most importantly, practitioners and I, we opened up a conversation about the deeply personal meaning of our Ashtanga Yoga practice and its connection to daily life. 

Specifically, there’s this one respond, that touched me. 

In this blog post, you’ll find the eMail from Beatriz. There was just no other way to share it originally. In respect and agreement with her, I changed the name. 

In her eMail Beatriz shared with me so beautifully, honestly and purely her daily life. This alone is precious and makes me feel honoured, that she allows me in her life. 

Because, I believe so strongly in the beauty and power of ordinary daily life, of the little priceless moments of human connection among family, friends and encounters. So I also trust, that the practice of Ashtanga Yoga is directly linked to it. 

Life and Ashtanga Yoga are inseparable for me.

Besides of the many unique reasons why we engage with this practice of Ashtanga Yoga, I’ve come to experience that, through it you’ll be able to become strong in diving into your vulnerability. Strong enough, to transcend it into courage and connect purely with yourself, hence with others and play your roles not functional but rather with intention and meaning, love and care. 

I suppose, it reveals a significant difference between “have” and “be”. 

What you “have” and “do” in your life, doesn’t define you. It’s about how you engage with it. The way you act, where your action comes from and what you intend to contribute with it. 

In Beatriz’s eMail it becomes clear, in my opinion. Even though she writes, she doesn’t have much courage, I think, she represents a force of courage - in her intentions for herself, in the way she lives through her daily life, in the effort she takes care of her to be her best, contributes and serves others. 

Last but not least, I’d love to thank Nuno Filipe from Ashtanga Yoga Carcavelos, because he gets mentioned in Beatriz’s eMail too. You do so greatly. I appreciate your generosity and gentleness and clarity in your teachings. Beatriz said, she trusted me in my recommendation and you earned her trust too. It means a lot to me, because Im aware of the responsibility of teaching. Not only Ashtanga Yoga. Any teachings. Teaching is sacred! So thank YOU! Deeply grateful! 

Finally, I invite you take some of your precious time and read the eMail through. There’s so much shared wisdom, grace and humility. 




This is going to be a difficult email to write because English is not my “natural” language. Or I’m just apologise myself because I’m insecure about writing in English, as I am insecure about a lot of things in my live.
The context: I am 45 (almost, just a few days). I am a mother, not single, of a beautiful and supporting boy of 12 years old. And I am a working person, 8h30 to 17h, every day with 3h of commuting time. I do Ashtanga yoga twice a week most weeks, 1 time sometimes, have breaks and come back to Asthang again, lay my mat, take a deep breath and start again. From the beginning if I need it.
The why: some time ago I went to a workshop with you. I was the only one. I liked but I didn’t have the time to attend your classes. I was sad because of that. But then you told me about Nuno, a professor who could have a more flexible schedule for me, with later hours. I never had a men as a professor, I was a little bit concern about it. But I believed in you and I contact him and now I attend his classes. So, thank you.
Reading you story I can imagine the courage you needed to take that step. In fact, I can only imagine a fraction of that courage. Probably I don’t have and never had that kind of courage. So I take what I can, wake up every day, kiss my boy goodbye each morning, fix dinner, read a story because he likes it, try my best to be a good mother, pass good examples, a good wife to my very supporting husband, do my work at office the best I can and not stress a lot. This is my battle every day. Everybody have some kind of battle going on.
Who do I want to become? Myself, I guess. To be honest in my examples and attitudes, to be honest to myself and to find room inside me. If I can be this every day, this will be my legacy. I think it’s enough.


Through my work, Im humbled to meet such extra-ordinary people. 

I trust, you do so well in your life too. Remember yourself of it every new dawn! Count your blessings and make an ordinary day worth your breath! 

When you feel encouraged to share some insights of your story and how Ashtanga Yoga’s helped you along the way, let us know in the comments below! There’s the chance, you may touch and inspire someone else too. ONE is good enough to have a lasting impact

Or simply like this post, when you like it. 

In the meantime, I’ll see you on the mat. My teaching commitments are here! When you’d like to reach out personally, just drop me a line: roomformyself@gmail.com. Always glad, to hear from you! 

Be good to yourself! Happy Spring!  


Your Stef

P.S.: When you think your friend needs to read this or may want to make "room for myself" then please feel free to share this. I appreciate it. 



A belated WONDERFUL NEW YEAR Im wishing you with my whole heart. 

Have you set a resolution or more? How many have you already broken? How many haven’t you pick up yet at all anyway?

I can relate. Changes don’t come easy. 

They may require to face fear, frustration, failure. Yet, those elements of life are as essential as courage, movement and victory. 


“Paradox of life”

Psychiatrist Carl Jung says: 

The paradox is one of our most valuable spiritual possession… only the paradox comes anywhere near to comprehending the fullness of life.
— taken from the book “Braving the Wilderness” by Brené Brown, p.155

The experience of my regular and consistent practice of the eight Ashtanga Yoga limbs in my best way possible has been exposing me to the paradoxes, helping me to become aware of them.

The Yoga mat is for me a sacred place, where Im able to allow myself to explore these sensation safely, without pressure or judgement.

My practice‘s involved

  • effort and surrender
  • fear and courage
  • protection and vulnerability
  • strength and weakness
  • discipline and gentleness
  • darkness and light
  • ugliness and beauty
  • reality and magic
  • failure and victory
  • judgement and compassion
  • frustration and break-through
  • sprint and patience, patience, patience
  • pain and arise
  • movement and pause

Since I believe, that Ashtanga Yoga mirrors daily life and vice versa, I also learnt to live with these and other paradoxes and figured in my own bones that these ones ARE life and it is them that make life so worth living. 


What life makes life - the unknown and the uncertainty

The “fullness of life” gets some extra pepper, when I also think about the elements of the uncertainty and the unknown. A moment of dance between both, for example effort and surrender, may work out well today but maybe not tomorrow. 

Even though, we humans are wired to wanting to know what’s next, that’s what life’s not about, like Philosophers, Psychologists and contemporary Spiritual Leaders emphasise over and over again:

The juice lies in the dance among the paradoxes of life and not knowing how it‘ll end. 



Certain is uncertainty. Without darkness there's no light. Accepting these facts, doesn’t it spark your life to go for your resolution, hope, dreams, vision and goals?

For this BRAND NEW YEAR  - COMMIT in the bottom of your heart to what matters to you, show up every single day to pursue it and DANCE! 

Not all the time on your mission there’ll be light, break-throughs and arising. Often it also feels dark, painful and like failure. Sometimes all of them at the same time. 

Yet, you don’t know, unless you'll follow through! The only way is  - DO IT! Just like the practice, keep showing up and let the experience teach you. 

I'd love to finish with Eckard Tolle’s quote from his book “New Earth” (p.115)

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance”

That being said, take a deep breath! The beautiful, generous breath, that’ll hold you sacred anytime, no matter what. 


You are worth it. You’re needed. Let’s do this! To 2018! 

What are your intentions for 2018 and how do you want to rise up to them?


There'll be exciting news coming along shortly. 

When you're interested in Private Teaching please send me an eMail to discuss details: roomformyself@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

with love, excitement and focus.


Your Stef

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