First month of 2017 is finished. Wow! Time flies. Again so fast. I notice. 

January is a month filled with learnings. Learnings from inspiring people far away from Portugal. Coaches, teachers, bloggers, that share inspiring content, knowledge and give their support globally. 

On a side note: Tim Ferriss’ latest book “Tools of Titans” is out.

I dig deep and work something out for myself. Tools, to move through my days structured, organised and fore-shadowed. Just as an example. 

Living the freedom to structure my daily life means a lot to me. A room, that is well formed yet fluid enough to adapt to changes while I can feel still steady. Actually, it helps me to make more room for presence. 

Presence for moments of experience. They count. They stay with me. Because I feel. 
Like these ones.

When I sit down, with a group of women. We call us the Transition Support Group. Coach Alison and I work on an approach to bring coaching tools and Yoga together, creating a broader spectrum for engaging with life’s and cultural changes. In this group, we also share, how we feel right now in our lives. I mean, the stripped down straight forward feelings. They are spoken still with soft and shy voices. But we all feel heard. 

My first experience climbing up the rock. Im on a rope and put my heart into the hands of a fellow, that belays me. I look up the rock taking my first step and knowing "I can do this". I love the group of people. Most of us are brand new to each other. And yet, we connect through excitement, support and accomplishment supporting each other.

Lately, my son Zion has been expressing his anger in many ways. We are home. In our sacred place of comfort and safety, trust and love. He kicks his toys, stamps with his feed, bangs doors, makes an angry face looking at me saying “Ich bin stink sauer”. Something like, Im so upset I can’t even tell you how much I am. Im looking back to him. My heart is soft and open, saying "Im seeing you, Zion. Im here for you”, while figuring out a way, how I can help him best to orientate himself in the vast space of emotions. 

Moving on with a dear student after Xmas break, she brings up tears in her practice. It’s ok. We don’t speak. She is sharing her tears. With herself. With me. We connect.

Yesterday my friend Gaya and I talk through structural stuff of our work. About foundation. After hours of discussing, forming, reforming, we look at each other. Gaya asks me:  “How can I reach you?” “How will you allow me to open up?" "How can I allow myself to let you in my world?”. 

We have said these words hundred times before and then it dawns on us - through connection.
These moments - within the Support Group, while taking my first rock climb, being present for my son, my student - are moments of connections.

That’s the kind of foundation we need. Connectivity. Everything else, tools, structure, communication, work - we build with it. Then, trust unfolds. 

After our conversation, we come across the latest article from Sharath Jois, the current lineage holder of Ashtanga Yoga. Sharath explains the intercorrelation of Ashtanga Yoga, real life and the importance of a good teacher. 

Ashtanga yoga is a way of living. Without a sound structure and foundation the building won’t be strong.
— Sharath Jois

Sharath goes on with emphazising how important it is to connect with a teacher in order to experience real Yoga, hence real life. 

It is my hope that everyone experiences for themselves real yoga.
— Sharath Jois

Gaya and I, we feel great day. Touched. Connected. There it is. All said by Sharath, what we have just discussed. 

On top of all of the insights about the experience of real life - so to say - in my mind, I'm now referring back to time.  It's always this feeling, I have : "Time flies". While I'm trying to take the hopelessness out of "Time flies" with saying to myself, that's all a matter of perspective, Seth Godin's daily journal post appears in my eMail inbox - and he does put time into perspective. He writes: 

Time is running out for you to become the person you’ve decided to be, to make the difference you seek to make, to produce the work you know you’re capable of
— Seth Godin

So, Im trying to get it all together. connection, experience, real life and time. 

Create and build life. Real life! On a strong foundation.
Through connecting with myself and others and ultimately trust unfolds. 
In all aspects of life - experience it. feel it. love it
Now! Time is limited.  


In the beginning of November this year here in Lisbon we have been blessed with a beautiful autumn weather. Sunny, mild and salty humidity in the air. With one of my private practitioners,  we took the chance to practice outside in her new house. 

In the middle of our session we paused.
To witness - a squirrel in the middle of Lisbon. 

The video is a bit dark, but with attention you may spot it. 

Real Yoga. A present moment of awe and integrity. 

Now, when she is in struggle of daily life, I always remind her of how sudden we were able to loose ourselves in this moment of awe, to connect again with a sensation of peace. 

Essential is to know, stillness is inside of you, me and us. And always available. We just need to allow us to disconnect from the outer world and breathe, trust that all around us is at its place, in its pace and surrender to it every lil' now and then.