I can’t help, time feels like change for me. Not a subtle one.
A profound change. Yep. Another round.

Change requires an honest look onto my own life and Ive been making an effort, to learn to stay steady, to focus on my vision and cares. It really isn’t easy, because the mind likes to drift away and stare onto somebody else’s life. Facebook can be a time killer for that and then I make up stories in my head. Do you know this feeling of running away from yourself? 

To be staying focused this time, I did something different. And I think, it’s something Ive been discovering especially in the last two years. I share my vulnerability with people I trust. Which gave me chance to connect with others on a deeper level. 

Once opened up, life’s presented me encounters or friends, who Id not thought of and suddenly we're in a new phase of our relationship or bond. Like with the practitioners Im so grateful to work with. 


In private sessions it organically happens, that we take time to talk about outcomes in the practice and how we actually can integrate them into daily life; based on our personal experiences and inspired by the vast knowledge of Yoga. 

It’s somehow not surprising, that we often share thoughts, feelings and experiences related with fear. Fear is an emotion we like to avoid; and when we ignore it, it takes charge deeper in our unconsciousness. It rules, has an influence on our choices or keeps us stuck. So that we can’t take responsibility of our own life. 

Fear’s big topic. Without going into it much deeper, what Ive witnessed in the conversations with precious practitioners and what I feel in my bones too:  

We’re done with fear. 

This moving change is about: breaking barriers and overcoming limitations, rising up and beginning a new cycle on a higher level of clarity, strength, compassion and joy. 


Well, it’s bold to say, “done with fear”. It stills sits around the corner and gets inspired by the space, that changes leave behind. Unknown and Uncertainty. Fear tends to fill up the new clear space. But rather let you do it!  

So I figured, taken from my personal practice, that “fighting against it”, doesn’t get me anything but frustrated. 

Observing it, I found, helps me to acknowledge it, sit with it without letting it take control. Damn, it’s a daily back and forth. But it works. 


There’s something else, that has been helping me to embrace the next big change. I don’t deny grieving. As exciting the new beginning looks, for all new inviting in, I’ve got to let go of something else. It hurts, regardless of what it is to release. Feeling a heavy heart. Shedding tears. Moving through pain. 

Grieving’s is one of the practice I learnt very late in my life. Engaging with it consciously, I’ve found it can be: . 

  • rooting. 
  • strengthening and
  • an act of gratitude. 

That’s also a precious moment, when fear needs to wait outside my head and heart. Because, Im able to see, where I’ve come and that Im actually at this point, where I am today.

So I dare to let go. I’ll move forward. I’ll make my choices and trust, even on the days it’s challenging. Fear’s on board. It’s fine. But it’s not ruling me. 

It seems a pretty wild mixture of emotions. Excitement and sadness. Faith and fear. Gratitude and Complains. Clarity and Confusion. Yet, I feel it’s well balanced and am glad to have been having a conscious experience in this moment of change. Im able to choose, build and enjoy.

So off I go! Are you joining me?


For now, I'd love to invite you again to the  SMALL GROUP PROGRAM, that I launched in March this year. The details are here. 

Im so happy to say, that we’re extending it to twice a week. We’ve got two spots left. 

It takes places in Estoril, Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:15 - 11:45 hrs, Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style combined with the elements of Private Teaching.  

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:15a - 11:45a with max. 6 participants.

Residência do Sol
Avenida Marginal 8648, 2750-427 Cascais
Meeting at Lobby, 10:10a

75€ per month incl. IVA

When you’re interested, please reply to this eMail: .


In any way, please know you’re always welcome to share your thoughts and questions with me or request details for Private Teaching. 

Im an eMail away:

Or leave a comment below, and let me know how do you engage with change? What are your experiences with it and how can you relate it to your personal Ashtanga Yoga practice, if you’ve taken one on?

A high five and you’ve so got this, … 

Can’t wait to keep sharing with you. 

Your Stef


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On my last blog post I received a wonderful feedback. I thank you for that!!!

It was not just about the fact, that I had the generous chance to present my work in the magazine “Lideranço no feminino” as a supplement in the newspaper Público. Most importantly, practitioners and I, we opened up a conversation about the deeply personal meaning of our Ashtanga Yoga practice and its connection to daily life. 

Specifically, there’s this one respond, that touched me. 

In this blog post, you’ll find the eMail from Beatriz. There was just no other way to share it originally. In respect and agreement with her, I changed the name. 

In her eMail Beatriz shared with me so beautifully, honestly and purely her daily life. This alone is precious and makes me feel honoured, that she allows me in her life. 

Because, I believe so strongly in the beauty and power of ordinary daily life, of the little priceless moments of human connection among family, friends and encounters. So I also trust, that the practice of Ashtanga Yoga is directly linked to it. 

Life and Ashtanga Yoga are inseparable for me.

Besides of the many unique reasons why we engage with this practice of Ashtanga Yoga, I’ve come to experience that, through it you’ll be able to become strong in diving into your vulnerability. Strong enough, to transcend it into courage and connect purely with yourself, hence with others and play your roles not functional but rather with intention and meaning, love and care. 

I suppose, it reveals a significant difference between “have” and “be”. 

What you “have” and “do” in your life, doesn’t define you. It’s about how you engage with it. The way you act, where your action comes from and what you intend to contribute with it. 

In Beatriz’s eMail it becomes clear, in my opinion. Even though she writes, she doesn’t have much courage, I think, she represents a force of courage - in her intentions for herself, in the way she lives through her daily life, in the effort she takes care of her to be her best, contributes and serves others. 

Last but not least, I’d love to thank Nuno Filipe from Ashtanga Yoga Carcavelos, because he gets mentioned in Beatriz’s eMail too. You do so greatly. I appreciate your generosity and gentleness and clarity in your teachings. Beatriz said, she trusted me in my recommendation and you earned her trust too. It means a lot to me, because Im aware of the responsibility of teaching. Not only Ashtanga Yoga. Any teachings. Teaching is sacred! So thank YOU! Deeply grateful! 

Finally, I invite you take some of your precious time and read the eMail through. There’s so much shared wisdom, grace and humility. 




This is going to be a difficult email to write because English is not my “natural” language. Or I’m just apologise myself because I’m insecure about writing in English, as I am insecure about a lot of things in my live.
The context: I am 45 (almost, just a few days). I am a mother, not single, of a beautiful and supporting boy of 12 years old. And I am a working person, 8h30 to 17h, every day with 3h of commuting time. I do Ashtanga yoga twice a week most weeks, 1 time sometimes, have breaks and come back to Asthang again, lay my mat, take a deep breath and start again. From the beginning if I need it.
The why: some time ago I went to a workshop with you. I was the only one. I liked but I didn’t have the time to attend your classes. I was sad because of that. But then you told me about Nuno, a professor who could have a more flexible schedule for me, with later hours. I never had a men as a professor, I was a little bit concern about it. But I believed in you and I contact him and now I attend his classes. So, thank you.
Reading you story I can imagine the courage you needed to take that step. In fact, I can only imagine a fraction of that courage. Probably I don’t have and never had that kind of courage. So I take what I can, wake up every day, kiss my boy goodbye each morning, fix dinner, read a story because he likes it, try my best to be a good mother, pass good examples, a good wife to my very supporting husband, do my work at office the best I can and not stress a lot. This is my battle every day. Everybody have some kind of battle going on.
Who do I want to become? Myself, I guess. To be honest in my examples and attitudes, to be honest to myself and to find room inside me. If I can be this every day, this will be my legacy. I think it’s enough.


Through my work, Im humbled to meet such extra-ordinary people. 

I trust, you do so well in your life too. Remember yourself of it every new dawn! Count your blessings and make an ordinary day worth your breath! 

When you feel encouraged to share some insights of your story and how Ashtanga Yoga’s helped you along the way, let us know in the comments below! There’s the chance, you may touch and inspire someone else too. ONE is good enough to have a lasting impact

Or simply like this post, when you like it. 

In the meantime, I’ll see you on the mat. My teaching commitments are here! When you’d like to reach out personally, just drop me a line: Always glad, to hear from you! 

Be good to yourself! Happy Spring!  


Your Stef

P.S.: When you think your friend needs to read this or may want to make "room for myself" then please feel free to share this. I appreciate it. 



This March 2018, it marks eight years of my life in Portugal. And it humbles me, that on the International Women's day of this year, my work with Room For Myself was presented among other 21 women entrepreneurs in Portugal in a supplement of the journal PÚBLICO.

I love to remember my beginnings here. 

I'd call it a labour of freedom. I went through several changes back in Berlin, discussions with my supportive friends and then there was this ONE NIGHT on the balcony in summer time. With my greatest woman friend Enne. She's got a couple of years more of an exciting life experience and she knew I was ready.

That night, we ended at 10a in the morning (Berlin's famous for that ;) ), with the sunlight in our neck and Berlin's heartbeat merged with ours. I'll never forget her encouragement, when we said good bye:  "Hau ab" (Just go!)! I went dancing the rest of this Sunday and quitted my job the next day, to leave Germany on 21 September 2009. Welcome Portugal!

The first three months from September until December were all about hanging loose, travelling, exploring, meeting people from all over the world. I felt always attracted my the energy of this country and somehow I knew, it's this environment to unfold to who Id love to be. Environment is essential. 

My experiences over the course of this special escape inspired me enough to eventually wrap up in Berlin,  drive down to Lisbon in March 2010 with a suitcase and my Yoga mat. Because, that's what I decided to do here, in Portugal. 

Dedicating my life to Ashtanga Yoga. 

My journey has been all about worthiness and belonging, inner freedom, connectivity and joy. About reinventing myself over and over again with one of the greatest learning, to commit to myself most of all. And Im sure, it this practice, that's kept me on this path - with patience, compassion and great challenges.

Though, I wouldn't recommend to just leave everything behind, I love to see women question their life, themselves, reinvent and start a new cycle. Each call is so valuable. Because that's the beginning. 

Wether it's designing a healthier lifestyle, creating more time for yourself, asking "Who do I want to become?", walking through pregnancy, finding your place as a new mom, understanding your emotions, getting to know your strength and inner beauty, establishing peace of mind, loosing weight and accepting your body - Ive learnt to trust deeply that Ashtanga Yoga can take you there and beyond. 


How I do help you - with my work in Room For Myself with Ashtanga Yoga?

I don't. 

I stand with you. Along your side.
All I do, I share with you this incredible, beautiful practice, hold your space, listen and take care, motivate and encourage, whilst you figure things out. And, you will!

Taking from the upcoming movie "Tully" - a story about motherhood in 2018. 
(Caaaan't wait to watch this one!!!)

"You can't fix the parts, without treating the whole" 


So, I'll see you?
Feel invited to send an eMail and share, what it is, that you're questioning by replying to or to comment below. 

When you can see yourself here, like the post and share it with a dear friend. I'd appreciate it. 

Look forward to you! 

With so much gratitude, love & joy, 

Your Stef



I've heard this quite often lately:  yes, I want to start yoga. But my plate’s already full. 

I can relate. 

In this way: life viewed from the outside, many of us have got full schedules, take on responsibilities, are parents, manage a business, meet challenges. Then, in the midst of the juggle sometimes an skiing accident happens, the car breaks down, the insurance doesn’t pay, the child gets sick and surely, there’ll be never ever enough time.

Mine’s full too - we're sharing it in common. 
But can life be just it, Im asking?


Over the course of my personal practice, Ashtanga Yoga’s become the source of my life than something extra “on my plate”. 

And - I never “have” this practice anyway. It’s there for me. Anytime. I step on my mat, move through the postures, breath, listen and let it go again. 

My practice of Ashtanga yoga has taught me to feel a deep appreciation for all the bits and pieces in my life, which I puzzle patiently. By adapting time, space and circumstance to my practice I generally receive what I need, I learn what is important and surrender to what is. 

I don’t moan about challenges, I meet them. 
I don’t hold up the mask of strength, I allow myself to be vulnerable as a measurement of courage. 
I don’t think about what I don’t have, I express gratitude for who and what is in my life. 
I don’t fight, I let go of what I cannot change. 

I feel better -  like more peace of mind, more loving, more compassionate, more generous, healthier, more to share and contribute, more presence, more time, more joy even in the tiniest of the tiniest steps and moments - and that all with a tight schedule and little sleep and surprises around the corner.

Not lying here. I loose. I fail. Too and a lot. 
But thanks god, there’s this practice I can engage with and I’ll try it all over again. 
Then there's trust. And my closest friend to pick me up. Precious! 


You see, I haven’t met anyone within 10 years practicing Ashtanga Yoga, who comes to this practice because she or he is absolutely ok with life - no worries about money, a beautiful relationship, happy family, dream job. 

I don’t think, it’s going to happen. 

Yet, Ive encountered people, who did have all of it and still, they were left with questions about themselves. Also, health issues, unclarity, self-doubt, depression, lack of confidence, loosing weight, reinvention and there’re so many more reasons that may call you for yoga.


Go! With a tight schedule, big changes in life, like a mess, in need. That IS the right time. Come when the call is there and make YOURSELF IMPORTANT. Ashtanga Yoga is WITH YOU. 

Speaking from the results, that I feel honoured to have witnessed by practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga, I happen to believe, when you chose Ashtanga Yoga your life will shine through a different light. You nourish yourself internally and so will your health and time, your responsibilities, parenting and your business benefit from it too.

In the end isn’t it about you transcending in your life with the WHY and the HOW you design it? These answers can only be found inside of you. 

Your plate maybe still full but taste differently, that’s what I’m trying to express. 


If you’re on the fence to give Ashtanga Yoga a try, the best I recommend is to actually do it. This practice is experimental. You need to feel, if this is it. In case it is, then we’ll figure out a plan for you!

And, inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book “BIG MAGIC” play a little bit with the “Trickster”. 

Make the practice fit to your schedule, to your nature! To have an easier access to it.  Ashtanga Yoga’s an autonomous practice. Once you begin to remember the series you’re able to practice safely anytime, anywhere. As I already shared with you, the practice adapts to time, space and circumstances. 


Practice options

One advantage of Private Sessions is, that we can find the best option to fit it into your schedule and get you going. For more information, please click on this eMail address and ask:! 

Moreover, there’s one spot left in the Small Group Program in Estoril, which serves with the advantages of Private Teaching. We’re maximum four practitioners with love and a deep interest in Ashtanga Yoga. You’re so welcome to share it with us. Just send me an eMail to

In Lisbon, there are Ashtanga Yoga Group Classes at Aravinda Yoga Shala.
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:45 - 14:14 hrs. Could it be your lunch break?


If you already practice, wonderful! Keep it up; let it inspire and teach you! Commit and recommit over again and see how your life unfolds in front of you. 

I love to discuss questions and doubts and shares, so please feel free to send an email or leave a comment below! What keeps you away to give Ashtanga Yoga a trial? How can you change it? 

Very much looking forward to hearing back from you! 

love hug! 

Your Stef




I've got great news for you. 

I'm rolling out the SMALL GROUP PROGRAM again. We’re going to begin next week on Thursday 1st March 2018 and, Im very much looking forward to this. 


With the feedback of participants from our last round, the intention behind this program is now to 

  • accompany your personal practice at home, in a school or in private teaching
  • offer sessions outside of a regular schedule in an Ashtanga Yoga School
  • refine details in your practice emphasising the elements (breaths, alignment breath and movements, energetic locks, gazing points, tristana)
  • research on postures and challenges like knees, shoulder, back and others
  • involve Yamas and Niyamas 
  • enchant a consistent practice
  • exchange insights of the practice based on the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga


Results of Private Teaching

The results of Private Teaching have proven that time, attention and care have got a great positive impact on your personal practice. 

  • Learn how to integrate wisely this precious practice in your daily life. You see, the practice of Ashtanga Yoga shouldn’t be an extra thing on your plate. The practice is there to get to know you and enhance your life through it. How to apply the practice can be studied as well as the practice itself. 
  • Adapt the practice to your needs. When you’ve got specific problems with your knees, blood pressure, anxiety or others you’ll research options to make you feel comfortable in uncomfortableness and heal.  Or I also like to connect here with pregnant women or mommies with babies or infants. 
  • Explore your space. Group classes can be felt as quite intimidating. Ive heard practitioners saying that the environment makes them feel insecure or even ashamed. I understand. Protection and privacy in the small group program will help you to open up and engage in the practice like a child - play and learn freely.  
  • Study the link between the practice and life. To me Yoga and life are inseparable. What you practice on the mat, is what you feel in your own precious body. Your body - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual - is communicating with you whilst you are moving through the postures guided by your breath.  What you feel is crucial. Emotions are the chief source of becoming conscious. Then you bring them into your life, return to your mat and check in again.
  • Practice! Really, that’s what’s it all about - real hands-on work! (and joy :))


Im so grateful for what Claudia Redinha shared with me: 

I am grateful for the immense difference she has made in my daily practice. Her technical knowledge and her commitment to the traditional pillars of Ashtanga are always gracefully combined with the careful consideration of her students’ personality and needs.  Stef’s presence and guidance have helped me to immerse myself into and set the intention for my practice. For that I am forever grateful.
— Cláudia Redinha, lawyer

Is it for me?

  • Yes. There’s no “level” in Ashtanga Yoga. You’re welcome, when you haven’t practiced yet at all, began yours or have already rolled out your mats for years.
  • Yes. You’re good enough. Actually, great already. 
  • Yes. When you’re committed to  yourself and show up. 
  • Yes. You aren’t too stiff. There’s simply not such thing like stiffness. Your body is precious as it is. Love it with all your heart.
  • Yes. Yoga is an ancient sciences and Ashtanga Yoga has been time-proven over almost 100 years through “direct and practical experience”. This stuff really works. 


Dates & Investment

Thursdays, 10:15a - 11:45a with max. 6 participants.

Residência do Sol
Avenida Marginal 8648, 2750-427 Cascais
Meeting at Lobby, 10:10a

55€ per month incl. IVA

When you've got questions, please feel free to send an eMail to
Lets meet there and reply to to reserve your spot! 

Thank you so much for your trust! I appreciate to practice with you! 

Warmly, Stefanie

P.S.: When a dear friends needs support to just take the next step and give Yoga a try, please forward this eMail. She might benefit for a life-time. Thanks so much!




I remember one of the first winter days downtown Lisbon in November last year. Sunny still. Yet with a fresh and clear air. 

I had a free moment and walked over to my friends Magui and Fred from Spinach; to chat about life and enjoy their fresh food. 

Accidentally, there I also met a dear fellow practitioner from Yoga-Lisboa, Marin. Funnily enough, after the times we practiced together we hadn’t actually talked yet. 

So we took the chance and began to share our thoughts. About Ashtanga Yoga.

We both mentioned, that we missed Xico’s teaching. Earlier this year 2017 Xico decided to withdraw for an uncertain time; also his studio Yoga-Lisboa was left to someone else. 

Though we continued the lunch classes there, it wasn’t felt as home anymore. So I also shared with my Ashtangi friend, that Id look for a more welcoming place, that’d carry a vibe of sacredness, comfort and inspiration.

Marin understood, and! happened to know a place just around the corner. No way, I thought. Search online for “Ballerina Body”, she encouraged me. 

That’s what I did. From Inês, who does teach Ballerina in this place, I was referred to Joana. 

Still I didn’t know, who Joana was. But in the moment I received her mobile number I was in AWE. It was Joana Menano, with whom I had shared precious Ashtanga Yoga times at Casa Vinyasa. For a short period we also learnt the teaching practice together. 

It was sort of meant to be. Not yet. 

So, Joana is the founder and owner of ARAVINDA YOGA SHALA. I called her with surprise in my voice and happily enough she welcomed me back in her life. However, she clarified there’d be no room for extra lunch classes. 

Ok, I surrendered. My next step was clear -  go and search. But just a couple of hours later Joana called me back explaining some useful changes and here we are. 


ARAVINDA YOGA SHALA’s schedule for Ashtanga Yoga set off with two lunch classes; and you’re so welcome. 

12:45 - 14:15 hrs Mysore Self-Practice along with
13:00 - 14:00 Led Class 

12:45 - 14:15 hrs Mysore Style Class


Universe was even more generous with us. Xico’s back too. His classes are

7:30 - 9:00 Mysore Self-Practice
8:00 - 9:00 Led Class Level I

7:30 - 9:00 Mysore Self-Practice
8:00 - 9:00 Improvisation Level II & III

Ive come to believe, sometimes, we need to be apart to join back together in a different way. More mature, more connected, more joyful. 

The other one thing Ive experienced so many times as so how I was led to Aravinda Yoga Shala is this and I allow myself to be true - 

Universe carries you with invisible hands and guides you along your way through the people you encounter, meet, relate and befriend with. The key is to set your intention. Clearly. Then take action. Start somewhere and trust! Universe will do its part too. 

It's about feeling connected. Internally, with others and also with something greater. 
I call it Universe. Others may call it God. Or Spirit. Or Consciousness. Or... 
A deep sense for connection, we all carry it inside of us, I believe. 
It's a question of how much you are aware of it. 

Ashtanga Yoga can be a method that may help you, dive into it, learn about it, connect with it - ultimately connect with you. 

So I'd love to say

Thank you, Universe. 
Thank you my dear Ashtanga friend. 
Thank you Magui and Fred from Spinach. 
Thank you Inês from Ballerina Body.
Thank you Joana Menano. 
Thank you Xico. 

Last but not least, a big heartfelt thank you to those who trust me to share this beautiful Ashtanga Yoga practice with. It means a lot to me.  


Now, when you like, share with us in the comments below your fav experience universe’s carried you away. It’d be awesome to learn about your magic moments.

When you’ve got questions about Ashtanga Yoga, the schedule at Aravinda Yoga Shala, Private Teaching or others, please send an eMail to

In meantime, love and joy and care for you. 

Your Stef


A belated WONDERFUL NEW YEAR Im wishing you with my whole heart. 

Have you set a resolution or more? How many have you already broken? How many haven’t you pick up yet at all anyway?

I can relate. Changes don’t come easy. 

They may require to face fear, frustration, failure. Yet, those elements of life are as essential as courage, movement and victory. 


“Paradox of life”

Psychiatrist Carl Jung says: 

The paradox is one of our most valuable spiritual possession… only the paradox comes anywhere near to comprehending the fullness of life.
— taken from the book “Braving the Wilderness” by Brené Brown, p.155

The experience of my regular and consistent practice of the eight Ashtanga Yoga limbs in my best way possible has been exposing me to the paradoxes, helping me to become aware of them.

The Yoga mat is for me a sacred place, where Im able to allow myself to explore these sensation safely, without pressure or judgement.

My practice‘s involved

  • effort and surrender
  • fear and courage
  • protection and vulnerability
  • strength and weakness
  • discipline and gentleness
  • darkness and light
  • ugliness and beauty
  • reality and magic
  • failure and victory
  • judgement and compassion
  • frustration and break-through
  • sprint and patience, patience, patience
  • pain and arise
  • movement and pause

Since I believe, that Ashtanga Yoga mirrors daily life and vice versa, I also learnt to live with these and other paradoxes and figured in my own bones that these ones ARE life and it is them that make life so worth living. 


What life makes life - the unknown and the uncertainty

The “fullness of life” gets some extra pepper, when I also think about the elements of the uncertainty and the unknown. A moment of dance between both, for example effort and surrender, may work out well today but maybe not tomorrow. 

Even though, we humans are wired to wanting to know what’s next, that’s what life’s not about, like Philosophers, Psychologists and contemporary Spiritual Leaders emphasise over and over again:

The juice lies in the dance among the paradoxes of life and not knowing how it‘ll end. 



Certain is uncertainty. Without darkness there's no light. Accepting these facts, doesn’t it spark your life to go for your resolution, hope, dreams, vision and goals?

For this BRAND NEW YEAR  - COMMIT in the bottom of your heart to what matters to you, show up every single day to pursue it and DANCE! 

Not all the time on your mission there’ll be light, break-throughs and arising. Often it also feels dark, painful and like failure. Sometimes all of them at the same time. 

Yet, you don’t know, unless you'll follow through! The only way is  - DO IT! Just like the practice, keep showing up and let the experience teach you. 

I'd love to finish with Eckard Tolle’s quote from his book “New Earth” (p.115)

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance”

That being said, take a deep breath! The beautiful, generous breath, that’ll hold you sacred anytime, no matter what. 


You are worth it. You’re needed. Let’s do this! To 2018! 

What are your intentions for 2018 and how do you want to rise up to them?


There'll be exciting news coming along shortly. 

When you're interested in Private Teaching please send me an eMail to discuss details: Looking forward to hearing from you! 

with love, excitement and focus.


Your Stef

P.S.: when you know a dear friend, who'd you feel, would be inspired by the practice of Ashtanga Yoga share this blog along. We don't know, how it'll turn out :). 



It is a spontaneous moment on a winter weekend. How I love them. 
Zion and I we’re taking a walk along our house beach into the sunset and ended up having fun with a couple of new friends on a new sport circle round in the dawn. 

While hanging in the ropes Zion discovers this heart. He says: oh Mommy look, there’s a heart. Then he’s spreading kisses all around.


Im inspired by such purity. 

How about living the December with Advent, Christmas and New Years Eve like this - with awareness and an open heart, joy and gratitude, reflection and change IN ACTION. 

With these spiritual practices!

“Slow is the new fast”

Write your last list of 2017.

  • write EVERYTHING DOWN you want to do/have done/shop/craft/say BEFORE or FOR Christmas and NYE. Don’t shy away, let it all down on a blank piece of paper. 
  • then check in with your schedule and evaluate the time you’ve got besides your working schedule, daily family life and personal commitments (like Yoga).
  • prune your “EVERYTHING LIST” to those “to Does” that are truly important, valuable and that deserve your heart, schedule them, involve your family when you like and take it easy! 

Practice Gratitude

Take 5 minutes every day, choose the best time for you, and write three points of gratitude.

  • someone you’re grateful for: look also in the past, to encounters, colleagues, doctors, athletes; anyone who left you with something for your life
  • choose an event/happening/moment from the day before
  • something small and often taken for granted: the smell of your coffee in the morning silence, the smile of your child, the precious love of your partner


Shift the intention of your Ashtanga Yoga Practice

Love your body. Respect the limitations of the day. Practice along with that. And except, how you’ll feel. 


Be generous!

Some action of kindness to those, who help us through our daily life.

  • Say thank you and mention their names to those women and men collecting the toll along the highways! 
  • Smile to a stranger! 
  • Express what you like about someone, you know or have just encountered! For example: Hey, I like your hair today!


Be free!

  • Do a sunset walk! 
  • Dance like nobody’s watching!
  • Have your friends around for some pancakes on Sunday morning!
  • Melt away with little things!


Humble ideas for presents

  • Write a letter to someone and let her or him know, what you appreciate about her or him.
  • Books! Give Books! 
  • A Dream Planner or Joy Planner by my dear friend Rita Sambado for EUS - School of Being
  • Donate toys, clothes, food!

Let me know below in the comments, what's your choice or share yours! Im curious. 
There're endless acts to pay attention, to contribute, to participate, to love and walk the own way through an often hectic and stressful Advent and Christmas time. 

This share from Buddhist Teacher Dr. Joan Halifax in Brené Brown's latest book "Braving the Wilderness" delivers so perfectly the message for me in my Christmas vacation! In a conversation with Brené Dr. Halifax says: 

Tonight we will exhale and teach. Now it’s time to inhale. There is the in-breath and there is the out-breath, and it’s easy to believe that we must exhale all the time, without ever inhaling. But the inhale is absolutely essential if you want to continue to exhale.
— Page 148. Braving the Wilderness, Brené Brown

I'll INHALE & be out from 21 Dec 2017 and return to my regular schedule Thursday 4 January 2018 with news about Room For Myself. 


Looking forward to you in 2018!

In meantime, choose love!

Your Stef