We're back on 💃🧚!

Heyyy! Back from my vacay in northeast Germany I'm ever so motivated and excited and inspired to catch up with you. See the shot I'm sharing with you. Aren't they magical? 


Yet, this time with my family was emotionally intense than I could ever imagine. 


My grandmother's health took a turn for the worst. She isn't able to live on her own anymore. Not at all. Though I knew about her state, I felt profoundly touched by witnessing her life, moving to an end. 


She held space while my grandpa took me to the woods and lakes, made the barbecue and watched stars with me, taught me swimming and playing cards. 


My grandma's also been the one in my family with the biggest fear in her heart. Fear that has held her back so much from a fulfilled life. To see her suffering internally, unconsciously from the unknown, she regrets not to have done, was incredibly hard for me.  


Day by day, I was able to more open up to her. 

I held her hand. 

I listened. 

I loved.


So did everyone in my family something for my granny, they could do best. Zion danced, my sister joked (she can do this really good), and my mom took care of all the organization around my grandmother's care. 


Here's what I experienced: It's these specific times, that bring precious possibilities.My family grew closer together, we saw each other from different angles, got to know us better. 


That's why I think our magical vacay moments turned out so unique, and that's why I'm feeling excited and motivated - because we fell in love with life another time. I'll do anything to become my best version and make my life as an expression of who I am. I want to own it with every fiber of my being. 


Wondering, how much you love your life, who you are and want to become, I'm attaching you an email exchange with one of my couple private clients, aged between 40 and 50 years. We've been working together for a year now. 


Courageous to take on the challenge of change and the consistent practice with me, they decided to spend part of their vacay on a fasting retreat. 


Don't you want to feel like falling in love with life again? Fresh, motivated, proud, energetic, inspired, grounded, and clear.


Ashtanga Yoga can help you on your path beyond your imagination. It's a practice that heals you, strengthens you, takes you through the dark, makes you discover and understand you, fires you up for life again and so much more.


I want you to know that you're so invited to practice with me.


And here's a little extra dose of feedback from a private client, who's been walking through a dark period and knowing, that "through" and not "away" is the ticket to her freedom. 


It's been a pleasure and honor to be there for them and teach such warm-hearted, focused, kind, and goofy people. 

 Want to be one of them? Say yes to yourself and book your Private Program now! Reply: roomformyself@gmail.com!


Because you're uniquely awesome and the world needs you at your best. 


Looking forward to Y.O.U. !


Always with love, 


Your stef ❤️

 PS: Ashtanga Yoga in a private set-up will support you in your life, wherever you're right now. It's such a generous practice. And I'll bring the coaching tools to help you clarify your questions, doubts, and wonders to build your path step by step, action by action. Reply: roomformyself@gmail.com!


PPS: Current Group Classes at Aravinda Yoga School in Chiado; Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:45-14:15 hrs. It's a wonderful, dedicated and dependable group. We love to welcome you! Send an email: roomformyself@gmail.com

... and more vacay shots.