The reasons for a morning routine

It's about five in the morning.

Stillness surrounds me. I take a deep breath.

Arriving at Zion's bed, I look over him, listening to his little snoring. I smile, and while doing so, I thank life for holding us two safely.

Through my wide open kitchen window, I hear the birds — time to prepare my warm water, coffee, and myself for my moment.

My Yoga mat's waiting. Before practicing Ashtanga Yoga, I sit down, take my first zip of a hot fresh coffee ☕, and write my morning pages. It can be free writing, about gratitude, abundance or affirmation.

I'm okay sharing this with you because I genuinely believe in the richness and sacredness of a quiet morning. And I'd love you to experience it.

Imagine this: outside's still quiet; your mind's resting. A moment that you can dedicate just to yourself. To listen, reflect, set the intentions for a brand new day, and ground yourself in your strength and greatness. 🤩

On the background of your busy life, with a morning routine, you're able to stay present, respond consciously and drive a day in the right direction for yourself and your family.

I'm talking here about five to 15 minutes time to invest in yourself. When you do it continuously the connection you establish with yourself can hold you in positivity, gratitude, and clarity. Over time it'll change the way you approach a day and ultimately your life.

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out for you! Reply here!
Because you deserve this moment for yourself.

Toasting my coffee cup to you, blinking with an eye and saying - have a fab day, << Test First Name >> 😊!

Your Stef ❤️

P.S.: Now I'm off to Peter Sanson's five-day workshop at Ashtanga Cascais. It's my fifth year under his guidance. I love his teachings. Can't wait to roll out my mat and practice, practice, practice.

P.P.S.: A Yoga practice in the morning can be a routine too. You don't always need an hour or longer. Do what you can! Already ten minutes on a regular base can bring you results. Would you like to know more? Say yes, and click here! Hey, it doesn't need to be at five am; at an hour that suits you. ☺️