Feeling frustrated?

When my son Zion began to puzzle, about five years ago, I could well use my calm breath. While I tried to control myself not to help him, he tried and tried piece by piece until he figured it out.

It's a moment like this I realized that anything you want to achieve needs this important ingredient: patience.

I mention this because lately, I've heard some frustration in your words. That your effort wouldn't show results.

I hear you.
I'm a red-head. I lost it in seconds. 🔥😆

Patience I learned through Ashtanga Yoga. Because of injury and circumstances, I got to build up my practice many times in sweat and tears in more than ten years. Just recently I started a new phase. (A shout out to Vera from Ashtanga Cascais ❤️).

It's been humbling me.

And, I've come to understand I can do this thing called life.
With a bedrock of trust, patience, resilience, and joy, I can figure it out, well, everything.
Still in process. And, it'll always be.

Whatever you've begun:
- taking care of your body,
- changing your diet,
- getting in touch with yourself,
- improving your work,
- healing a heartbreak
- creating a new structure for your life
- practicing yoga

allow me to say::

You can't rush your process!

At times it looks like nothing's moving, changing or improving.
Even worse. Doesn't it seem sometimes, you walk backward?

But inside of you, something's started to wake up, break open and grow. Like a seed, you've planted and taken care of. Until it finally cracks through the earth, you don't see the growth process. At all!

Yet, everything you feel and do today will add on to achieve the change you're looking for. Also, frustration and trials that failed.

Do your soul-searching!
Balance between effort and surrender!
Find the best tools for you! (One's Ashtanga Yoga ;))
Focus on the right things!
Stay active! And, have endless compassion for yourself!
The results will show. For sure!

Besides them, you also develop essentials for life: patience. one. and faith, resilience, and surrender. the others.

Need a dose of encouragement, hit reply!

Because I SO love that you're on your journey. And, words can do magic.

Take good good care of yourself!

Enjoy your day 🍀!

Your Stef

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