Do it-ish!

God, there was sweat dripping from the ceiling. The air was thick and steaming.

About 30 people in a well-isolated hotel conference room were breathing deeply. You could feel the unshakeable focus of each one of us.

Fresh air only lingered in when the door opened, and someone took over the place of a finished practitioner. One left, another came.

Peter Sanson, from New Zealand, taught again with patience, clarity and such loveable humor from 6:30 till around 12 midday.

My BF Camilla was staring at me while I was indulging myself into this memory of my appreciated annual Ashtanga Yoga workshop. All she brought up was: Stef, that's so gross.

I just laughed myself away. Camilla joined, and we had our moment. 😂

Honestly, this vibes' hard to explain. And it may sound weird from the outside.

Heat arises while everybody moves individually through their own challenges and delights of the Ashtanga practice. Through the uniqueness of each one, we form this particular sense of a sacred moment of human connection.

I love it. Especially with Ashtanga Yoga teacher Peter Sanson.

It's my fifth year with him, and his teaching's been having a profound impact on my growth to be patient, loving, and respectful with myself.

In the room, while teaching, Peter doesn't speak much. When he does, his words are precise, impactful, funny, and relate to life.

This stuck to me: it's so simple, and you make it complicated. Does it sound familiar?


Why making life complicated?

I've come to feel, there's no black and white, no right and wrong.

There's what-- IS.

Instead of numbing, running away, feeling like a victim, or defending yourself, ever wondered about what if you stay present?

Fear of starting Yoga? Why not try it and see how it feels?

Pain in your body? Why not take care of it?

Broke? Why not dig into your relationship with money?

Unfulfilled in your job? Why not search for your talents?

Exhausted? Why not pause?

No sense of purpose? Why not start seeking?

About to shed tears? Why not cry?

Why not leaning into what is in your life right now and making it a priority to figure it out?

Because connecting with your heart leads to a peaceful, steady, and rooted feeling. And brings so much release, freedom, kindness, and joy into your life.

Try! Do it-ish! 😉
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With SO much love & appreciation ❤️,

Your Stef

P.S.: My email about Peter Sanson from last year you can read here.

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