My lil’ boy Zion Santosha turns four years in August this year. Only recently though, I’ve fully embraced my role as a single mom and provider of my family.  

My beginning of motherhood were rough. In the first two years my life fell pretty much in bits and pieces. I lost ground. Nothing left that I used to hold on to. Just the vulnerability of oneself.  

Especially, voices around me saying “a single mom’s life is tough” really drained me. They took more of my strength than anything else. 

Why? Because, I didn’t have clarity about the big picture of my own life. Very easily I felt attacked and not supported.     

Times of uncertainty and unknown though are a natural part of life too. I hadn’t learnt to value those phases and use them wisely.

Ashtanga Yoga kept me steady and taught me to keep going and find richness within the uncertainty and the unknown in my motherhood times.

The essential effort I made was to continue to practice regularly and focus on the most important - to be on my mat before the day arises, breathe and take care of my Self without goals of having new postures, diving deep or opening up. Just breathing. Breathing. Breathing. With a simple consistent practice and letting change happen. 

Slowly, gradually with enough time for me to accept and love it while keeping my hunger for search and adventures - the vision of my life became clearer.

Along this process over the last four years, I developed the strength to make two significant choices, which were followed by my recent one - the third. 


First, Im going to be the mom, I feel in my heart and I’ll do it without compromises. 

Second, Im going to run my own business, in order to create the life of interweaving family, motherhood and work and contribute to this world the best I can. 

Third, I wholeheartedly embrace my story. 


Every time, I became clearer with my vision of life, I was strong enough to make a choice. 
Each time, I made a conscious choice life started to shift in the right direction. 

There is no “Oh Im so sorry” and “single mom’s hard life”.  It’s MY LIFE and my story.


What does it have to do with you? 

Im just so grateful to have come across your path and the chance to be able to share my insights from this generous Ashtanga Yoga practice with you AND listen to a glimpse of YOUR STORY. 

Your story matters. So much. That’s what Id love you to know. 

Single mom or not, woman and man - behind the doors we are in our modern lives hustling from one appointment to the next, fulfilling our roles, dealing with our monkey mind and trying to understand how we feel and relate with others and making the best out of our conditions. 

We’re all in the same boat, dealing with the same stuff. Day in. Day out. 

You may feel alone sometimes. But you ARE NOT alone. 

Aren’t we somehow all connected?

By knowing a tiny bit of your story I feel encouraged and inspired. I remember you. 

Sharing your achievements, insights, struggles brings out the highest value of attention, appreciation and care for yourself and all others around you! Most importantly, we can learn from each other and be okay with ourselves too. 


Lauren Hill sings with her song “I Gotta Find Peace of Mind” in her MTV Unplugged concert in 2002:

What a joy to be alive. 
To get another chance.
Every day is another chance.
To get it right this time.
Every day is another chance.


That being said, let’s stay engaged with life from a place of gratitude - there lies the juice of wonderful and great lessons, of growth & joy. 

Let’s keep sharing them!  
Become visible! 
We’re all in this together. 


Now Id love to hear from you. 
What is a great memory of yours and how did you get there? 
Thank you for your courage! 

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Looking forward to you! 

Love. Always. 




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