As an former athlete from the age of 6-16 trust me, when I say, I love goals and most of all, I love to go for AND achieve them. Speaking from that experience, I remember myself as an absolutely focused young girl and training hard. My life was all about sport, competition and being fast. I felt devastated, when I didn't win, when the hard work didn't pay off. Worst, I even began to define myself through my results. Holy s*%$ !

Let me tell you this, with all my warmth and knowledge, I support you along your individual Yoga path. I'll be there and engage with you on your personal goal. We'll define it precisely, track it, review it, adapt and weave it into your personal practice. Ashtanga Yoga though, is not a train and check-box activity. Even though it demands physical engagement than any other form of Yoga, this ancient practice is about to surrender and trust in something that we don't know yet. The Unknown and Unpredictability is the space, I will hold you safely and share with you. We need to go exactly there as we may need to withstand a few time of practice and practice and practice over and over again, in order to reach your goal and so much more beyond the surface.

The only thing I know for sure is, it's all about the process and not about to win. And, what reveals may not be exactly what you were going for in the first place but surely it'll be magic and will lead you to where you need to be. To the uniqueness of yourself! 

Class given at Yoga Lisboa - Ashtanga Yoga Shala