My dear friend Anastasia is a great inspiration of mine. Certainly, her words I always make sure to read. They reveal truth, beauty and wisdom. I just crossed her New Year post on Facebook and I couldn't agree more. 

"Slow is the new fast".

With joy I began my Yoga practice in the late morning. After two days in the play of the New Year's celebration I was in need to pause and breathe. It took me a little time to feel an even and deep breath. When it did unfold, I sensed the rhythm of my New Year. Slow. Even. Deep. Conscious. Loving. 

It don't say, nowadays uncertain, high speed and rough life will be like that. Just the way I am willing to meet it, engage with it, experience it, learn and choose from it as a new opportunity of self-care. 

Come as you are 2017! 

wonder in his eyes - Zion. 

wonder in his eyes - Zion.