The wonderful feedback I received for my first newsletter in December this year, which was plain and honest, encouraged me to share it with you too. I have not made it yet, to establish my newsletter list, so I find this way helpful to reach you. Yes, You! Here we go!

This is my first newsletter of Room For Myself. It took me an entire year. Holy cow! And, I know, that time of the year we are all very busy bees, so thank you for taking a moment to read through my words. 

I cannot believe, we are hitting almost the end of 2016. Clearly, I remember the 1st of January. With my son Zion, my sister Carolin and with close friends we spent the weekend in a wooden house in Enxara. It was a peaceful, reflective and loving time. Sitting on the fireplace, I looked at the calendar, wondering, what this New Year would bring. 

You know, deep down in my heart, I am a Believer. This year though, I knew, was going to be a challenge. Because, uncertainty is what I needed to surrender most. And this is not (yet) my strength. However, in the atmosphere of the first precious day of 2016, I could not not feel faith. 

I made my choice right after that day.  After six years teaching at the Ashtanga Yoga School Casa Vinyasa in Lisbon, I decided to branch out my work as an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. Two month later, in March, I communicated my project about private teaching with a whisper and experienced straight away setbacks. Interestingly enough, in those dark moments I came down to 

Room For Myself - my project to help and support, people like you on their path - with Yoga in a private set-up.

On July 4, I launched the first edition of my website and have ever been since working passionately in the field and on my business. 

The dynamic has been intense. I love to experiment and go with my process. It gives more space for joy, creativity and improvements (aka failure). That being said, I am sharing with you now my latest changes: 

I will solely focus on private teaching, creating a personal signature with the integration of coaching tools that stands out for this field as unique as you are. 

I will dedicate myself to build a network of trust with therapists, nutritionists, coaches and doctors, so that we together can help you the best way we can. Combining the ancient Yoga with different sciences, I am eager to gain new results, that help us all in our growth in a meaningful life. 

Yes indeed, it was a challenging year. A year from zero and based on truth, based on myself. Raw and pure as it can get. Sparked with so many details life can give: fear & tears, failure & setbacks, courage & strength, growth & joy, beauty & love. 

Thank you so very much for being part of it. It has been a gratifying journey.
It is because of the challenges, we are invited for a richer, deeper, more blissful life. 

I am wishing you with all my heart a loving and safe, courageous and generous New Year. 

Into 2017

Into 2017