Im a freak of lists, maps, drawings and writings of my insights, thoughts, ideas, dreams and experience in my practice of Ashtanga Yoga and life. Occasionally, I’ll go back there, read them through to have a reference to where I’ve come and how I got there. 

I noticed, it sometimes happens that I write around what I really want to say, feel and need to do. 

One of those “things” is LETTING GO. 

Im not going to write an article about HOW TO LET GO IN SIX STEPS. 
Id just like to share, what I figured. 


  1. It can be all sorts of, not only elements that are tangible, rational and easily visible: thoughts, self-talk, dreams, delusions, pattern, pain, people.
  2. It takes time to acknowledge. It needs to dwell within and be felt in order to get clear about what is what: For example: reality is what is and not the delusion on my mind; a pain, that Iv overcome; a dream that doesn’t fit anymore in the current vision of life. FEEL it! 
  3. Letting go arises consequences and a sense of a white space. You may call it emptiness but I prefer white space. Often, these consequences and this white space of unknown are the ones, that cause anxiety, insecurity and a feeling of not belonging and being protected.
  4. To know the vision of my life is essential: It helps me to surrender to the white space and let it fill with what servers best in this current phase. I find a good balance between action and surrender. 
  5. Courage and Curiosity are my great helpers to dare and take the leap: Courage makes me actually do it and curiosity inspires my joy of engaging and exploring a new phase of my life.
  6. Be gracious and grateful: how I say good bye is more important than the first moment, a thought occurred or a friend stepped into my life. The way of saying Good Bye truly reveals the dynamic of a self-talk, pattern or connection to a person. Letting go is as much as saying no to it as it is to say YES to myself and that Id love to do with respect, compassion and kindness.   


So, the other day I wrote me “Letting Go List” and very much felt without ground after. Lots of white space. Actually Im quite scared floating in it. Great thanks to my personal Ashtanga Yoga practice. It keeps reminding me, what it feels like to stay present in a position and just feel my breath and observe what thoughts, emotions arise. Without judgement. Without attachment. To then act upon my inner truth simply move on to the next pose. (If it was so easy ;)).

Gradually, Ive began to enjoy the white space and used it wisely to go ahead, to engage deeper in life and my work, to enjoy and feel adventurous, ambitious, young and open. 

An inspiring amount of wonderful reasons here, to write, draw, map your own “Letting Go List”! Share in the comments below, what you feel its ready to let go, why and how you did and are going to do it!

Summer is here! So, enjoy it with its lightness and sweetness of freedom. 


Talking about lightness: 
In August Zion and I will be travelling for two weeks. 

My Summer Teaching Schedule is from

1-5 August  
22-26 & 28-31 August from 7:30a - 12:30p

Group classes at Yoga Lisboa will resume in September 2017 with a new schedule. 

Drop a line and reserve your private session! Im looking forward to hearing from you!



Thank you wholeheartedly for your loyalty, trust and joy! I cherish it and it keeps me exploring, growing, changing and loving. 

Remember, when you’ve got questions, insights, thoughts about life and your personal practice, Im an eMail away. Just hit reply and write on!

An unforgettable summer.  

Your Stef


This here is my first official newsletter.
Congrats! Or, in Zion's way, a fist bump and a "Good job, Mommy". 

In December last year I wrote my first newsletter to those I had the great opportunity to practice with. 

Three months ago, so after a whole lot working time behind the scene,  I decided to keep in touch with you with a monthly note in your inbox and hell, I did it all manual. Starting off with 20 eMails, then with 50 it become clear I needed to work with a program to support me. Having loved it to do it manually, because I was close to you and each person Ive come across, I do my best now to keep the connection with you through this newsletter too. 

Why do I wanna write? 

I truly believe, in the direct link from Ashtanga Yoga to our ordinary daily life. In combination with my personal experience as a student and friend, woman and mother of nowadays I feel the need to share and discuss it with you. Also, through interviews of practitioners I work with, I'll share how each person evaluates this jewel of a practice Ashtanga Yoga and how it has changed and keeps inspiring their life. 

Room For Myself I launched in the beginning of last year (blog post here).
Its about Ashtanga Yoga Private Teaching.

In this note you'll find further down, what it stands for linked to a tiny part of my story  and a current experiment with my son Zion in Gardening.

What could that have to do with Room For Myself? 

See here! 
School education in the Soviet part of Germany was under the influence of the country’s socialistic system. 

My favs were Sport and - you wouldn’t believe - Gardening. Yes, we were offered Gardening. The first four years of school at the age from 7 to 10 we learnt all about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. 

Also my family used to take care of a garden in the back of our house. It was part of our culture. Well, there wasn't much in supermarket shelves either.  

I lost my joy in gardening during my studies at university and search for life and came humbly back to teach it now to my son Zion - in a small version. 

Why? Because, I’d love him to witness a natural cycle of life. One, that happens over and over again in our ordinary life too.

Here's Zion's project in Gardening :): 

Zion plants seeds in fertile soil. Then he needs to be responsible. He learns to take care and find the appropriate balance between effort, surrender and patience. 

When it’s time to water, when it’s time to protect, when it’s time for the nourishment of the sun, when it’s time to give space and wait for the sprouts to unfold. 

Together, we check the little sprouts of salad, carrots and broccoli every day. We’re in awe and love to witness natural growth and change. We find joy and share this moment sacredly. 

The continues process requires now, that Zion prunes the tiny field of sprouts, to give room for the ones to grow to the vegetable. It’s a difficult moment. Because it’s one of letting go and he griefs. Not all of the seeds we planted will make their way through. 

He may not be even successful with the sprouts we’ve left, but we'll keep going because, we want to enjoy our moments, the process and what we learn.  Zion trusts he may harvest some salad, carrots and broccoli and enjoy their gifts.

Most importantly, it happens all in STILLNESS. 

Being responsible, taking care, experiencing loss and yet keeping focused - Zion has been doing and experimenting it. With no validation from outside he stays consistent on his project. Day in and day out; and Im curious how he'll engage with the harvest and preparing earth for new seeds. I'll keep you posted. 

Planting vegetables with Zion, is for me a possible way to share with him cycles of life. In hope, he’ll learn naturally to be responsible, to loose, grief, let go and move on, grow his perseverance and celebrate his success to simple take a next step and so fulfill his life with substance.

Surely, life will teach him. But the seed is planted. 

For me, it was my personal Ashtanga Yoga practice, that taught me, what Im trying to share with my son - a natural cycle of life's phases. 

Plant a seed, take care of it with the best intention for yourself, learn what it takes to flourish it, let go of what would stop the process of growth, focus on what matters most, enjoy the moment, move on and plant the next seed. With time we're knowledgable, strong and humble enough to be able to take care of a garden.

I used to have a hard time in accepting the part of “letting go”. Stillness though used to be my dear friend. Now, after almost 10 years of practicing this ancient Yoga method, Ive learnt to surrender; or let’s say it’s become a way easier :) and has strongly contributed to my sense for inner freedom. 

Our soul is where we plant our seeds and cultivate what matters most in each of our lives.

A room for stillness and no disturbance, where we’re able to return at any given moment and renew, who we are and how we engage with life. That’s what Room For Myself stands for. 

The room for yourself, which needs to build, be taken care of and nourished compassionately. 
That, my friend, takes courage and will and adventure and surrender too. 
Which is, I quote my son "Really AWEsome". 

During the last 1 and a half year of specialising as a Personal Ashtanga Yoga Teacher for Room For Myself Ive shared the mat with inspiring women and men likewise, from different countries and backgrounds. Most of them have been in a challenging phase of their lives.

Yet experiences taught them, that the only way out is "in" - taking care of themselves and facing the current situation with what is. 

To be able to witness, how each practitioner benefits from the Ashtanga Yoga method is a blessing and I don't take that lightly. 

Ashtanga Yoga has become the source of my life and my intention is to help you engage with you in your personal Yoga experience.

Don't get me wrong, when you'll see the shot of me below. Ashtanga Yoga isn't about having the legs straight up in the air, nor put behind your head. By engaging in the postures as you are today, this practice is about your breath, about you and your life. The one that you're in and the one, you'd love to create, build and share from inside out.

On or off the mat, I invite you to join me along the journey of Room For Myself. 

I'd be grateful for you.

My schedule and the "really awesome" upcoming events are listed below.  

Now, Id love to hear from you. Which seed have you planted recently? Why and how is it going? 
What role does Yoga play in your life?

Can't wait to hear from you in the comments below! 

With love, water and patience. 




Along the coastline Lx-Cascais
Mondays through Fridays 7:30 - 16:30 (except during the slots of Group Classes)
Saturdays 8a - 2p

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Yoga Lisboa, Lisbon   - Mondays & Fridays 12:30p - 2p
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ONE OF NOWADAYS MOST POWERFUL YOGIS @ Yoga Lisboa, 1-4 August 2017!

Quiet man PABLO PIRILLO from Argentina (KPJAYI Level 2) is coming to humbly share with us his profound experience in Ashtanga Yoga and the knowledge in philosophy. // What describes a Yogi? As a beginner or advanced practitioner hit going and join the workshop to learn from Pablo's vast body of teaching skills precisely adapted to your needs, drink from his wisdom in the conference and ask your questions to be inspired with love and devotion for your personal Yoga journey. // During Xico's time in India he learnt a lot from Pablo. They've become close friends. Its Xico's wish to hand on Pablo's teaching practice to YOU and into our community.

Drop an eMail to Xico: biosayogalisboa@gmail.com


YOGA & HEALTHY LUNCH @Yoga Lisboa & Spinach prolonged for YOU - till 31 July! Your feedback means a lot to us. We've listened! Thank you! Beginners and regular practitioners are welcome. It’ll be accessible for everyone. And, here're is the BIGGEST CHANGE. You can do it - Yoga AND lunch - in ONE HOUR. Beautiful Magui (Spinach) will deliver your Pani Bread to the Yoga Studio. COUPON AVAILABLE FOR 10€ at Yoga Lisboa and Spinach. 

Drop a message: roomformyself@gmail.com to reserve your spot and order your pani :)! Very much looking forward to you!





My lil’ boy Zion Santosha turns four years in August this year. Only recently though, I’ve fully embraced my role as a single mom and provider of my family.  

My beginning of motherhood were rough. In the first two years my life fell pretty much in bits and pieces. I lost ground. Nothing left that I used to hold on to. Just the vulnerability of oneself.  

Especially, voices around me saying “a single mom’s life is tough” really drained me. They took more of my strength than anything else. 

Why? Because, I didn’t have clarity about the big picture of my own life. Very easily I felt attacked and not supported.     

Times of uncertainty and unknown though are a natural part of life too. I hadn’t learnt to value those phases and use them wisely.

Ashtanga Yoga kept me steady and taught me to keep going and find richness within the uncertainty and the unknown in my motherhood times.

The essential effort I made was to continue to practice regularly and focus on the most important - to be on my mat before the day arises, breathe and take care of my Self without goals of having new postures, diving deep or opening up. Just breathing. Breathing. Breathing. With a simple consistent practice and letting change happen. 

Slowly, gradually with enough time for me to accept and love it while keeping my hunger for search and adventures - the vision of my life became clearer.

Along this process over the last four years, I developed the strength to make two significant choices, which were followed by my recent one - the third. 


First, Im going to be the mom, I feel in my heart and I’ll do it without compromises. 

Second, Im going to run my own business, in order to create the life of interweaving family, motherhood and work and contribute to this world the best I can. 

Third, I wholeheartedly embrace my story. 


Every time, I became clearer with my vision of life, I was strong enough to make a choice. 
Each time, I made a conscious choice life started to shift in the right direction. 

There is no “Oh Im so sorry” and “single mom’s hard life”.  It’s MY LIFE and my story.


What does it have to do with you? 

Im just so grateful to have come across your path and the chance to be able to share my insights from this generous Ashtanga Yoga practice with you AND listen to a glimpse of YOUR STORY. 

Your story matters. So much. That’s what Id love you to know. 

Single mom or not, woman and man - behind the doors we are in our modern lives hustling from one appointment to the next, fulfilling our roles, dealing with our monkey mind and trying to understand how we feel and relate with others and making the best out of our conditions. 

We’re all in the same boat, dealing with the same stuff. Day in. Day out. 

You may feel alone sometimes. But you ARE NOT alone. 

Aren’t we somehow all connected?

By knowing a tiny bit of your story I feel encouraged and inspired. I remember you. 

Sharing your achievements, insights, struggles brings out the highest value of attention, appreciation and care for yourself and all others around you! Most importantly, we can learn from each other and be okay with ourselves too. 


Lauren Hill sings with her song “I Gotta Find Peace of Mind” in her MTV Unplugged concert in 2002:

What a joy to be alive. 
To get another chance.
Every day is another chance.
To get it right this time.
Every day is another chance.


That being said, let’s stay engaged with life from a place of gratitude - there lies the juice of wonderful and great lessons, of growth & joy. 

Let’s keep sharing them!  
Become visible! 
We’re all in this together. 


Now Id love to hear from you. 
What is a great memory of yours and how did you get there? 
Thank you for your courage! 

There's is a SPECIAL for you @Yoga Lisboa till the end of June 2017. 
Scroll down and check out the flyer. Any questions? Just send me an eMail and I'll be there to answer. 

Looking forward to you! 

Love. Always. 




My teaching schedule: 

Along the coastline Lx-Cascais
Mondays through Fridays 7:30 - 16:30 (except during the slots of Group Classes)
Saturdays 8a - 2p

Yoga Lisboa, Lisbon   - Mondays & Fridays 12:30p - 2p
Residência do Sol   - Wednesdays & Thursdays 2p - 3p

Yoga & Lunch @Yoga Lisboa, Lx with SPINACH by the lovely couple Magui & Fred. Check out the flyer below and hit reply to get details and your coupon! We're looking forward to you!


Pretty much exactly nine years ago, after a hectic Account Manager day in the office, I headed on with my bike through Berlin city to an Ashtanga Yoga Studio. Earlier this week I had discovered a flyer while classically having a cup of Latte Macchiato with my friend in one of the hip cafés at Prenzlauer Berg.  

Dressed up in black with the typical Marlene Dietrich trousers, my fav light green stilettos, with my wild red hair I arrived at Andreas Loh’s school. Super stressed out to make it on time, there I stood in front of his welcome desk. 

The teacher Andreas looked up at me, put his big black glasses shortly under his eyes to scan me. Instantly, I calmed down and —  it felt great. My ego though wasn’t quite conform with my sensation. It was questioning: "Who is that guy?" But probably he thought more or less the same - who is her?.

Yet, Im a woman of commitment and when I say yes, I’ll do it. So I stepped on my borrowed Yoga mat and followed his instructions.

Drawn to the physical approach of this form of Yoga, I simply loved each moment of my very first Ashtanga Yoga session. 

Feeling comfort, warmth and fulfilment I was cycling home through a quite warm Spring evening. I wanted to enjoy every single bit of Berlin’s vibe and scenery. A moment of my life, where I felt presence and future. The end and the beginning. Fear and courage. In each single breath. 

Change would come. 
It did; and pretty BIG. 

After all the years of moving through a consistent practice I carry an unshakeable trust in Ashtanga Yoga. It has become the source for my life, for inner freedom and integrity to be unapologetically ME.

I feel, its 

truly special, 
absolutely awesome,
beautiful like“The Little Prince”,
nothing to flirt with, 
the real deal, 
endlessly generous, 


Granting myself with peace - Ashtanga Yoga with the posture Pascimattanasana

Granting myself with peace - Ashtanga Yoga with the posture Pascimattanasana

Here are six more reasons, why I LOVE the system of Ashtanga Yoga.  

Ashtanga Yoga is

  • a holistic form of Yoga. Practiced with the correct method it'll have a lasting positive impact on your well-being. With Ashtanga Yoga you basically can achieve everything, you want in your life.  Not only will you have a beautifully strong body, you'll FEEL strong, clear and beautiful through a natural balance of body, mind and soul. 
  • an ancient practice, passed down from teacher to student over thousands of years. You'll learn knowledge, which is proven through "direct and practical experience" and therefore carries truth and absolute faith. Nowadays, more and more people all around the world benefit profoundly from its process of healing, transformation and joy. 
  • an eight limbs Yoga*: Asana, what is practiced on the mat, is actually the third limb out of eight. It’s said, through “physical discipline” you’ll be able to experience, internalise and put in action the others: 1. Yama (how we conduct ourselves in life) , 2. Niyama (commitments to ourselves), 4. Pranayama (breathing exercise), 5. Pratyahara (sense withdrawn), 6. Dharana (concentration), 7. Dhyana (meditation), 8. Samadhi (higher consciousness). Ashtanga Yoga uniquely offers integrity as well as carries the capacity to heal and transform you, when those eight limbs are practiced consistently and with the best intention for yourself; any of your suffering can be diminished and vanished gradually. 
  • unique. There is no other system of Yoga, where you'll develop an own personal practice, which can be adjusted to time, space and circumstances. Once you've established a solid foundation with your teacher, you can practice independently and safely anytime and anywhere. The key for a beneficial practice is to do what is possible than nothing at all. 
  • a sustainable practice, either as a tool for health, your best friend, an intrinsic part of yourself or as a room for contemplation, practiced consistently Ashtanga Yoga will always hold your space in the moment of your life and support you right there
  • a source for life, when you want to allow it into yours. Fact is, the practice will serve your intention precisely and your approach will evolve over time. You may start with solving sleeping problems, wanting to loose weight, healing back pain to dive into questions of belonging and purpose. With a regular practice it's you, who'll define you own personal Yoga experience. Every bit of learning, insight, sensation can be applied directly into life. 
From the book: "Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana" by R. Sharath Jois, current lineage holder

From the book: "Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana" by R. Sharath Jois, current lineage holder

It says, 10 years is the minimum time to practice Ashtanga Yoga and to BEGIN! to truly feel and internalise and live Yoga. 

It was Andreas Loh’s teaching, that formed a strong foundation for my continuous learnings in the field of Ashtanga Yoga. Im so grateful for him. We are friends and keep sharing our insights about Ashtanga Yoga, life and his incredibly beautiful Piano Music. 


Is it for me, you’re asking?

Before you wonder: "Everybody can practice. Young man can practice. Old man can practice. Very old man can practice. Man who is sick, he can practice. Man who doesn't have strength can practice. Except lazy people; lazy people cant practice Ashtanga Yoga." - Sri K. Patthabi Jois (Guruji, 1915-2009)

I SO much believe in Guruji's statement. With seven years teaching experience Ive come across practitioners from all background, with all imaginable intentions, unique body-types and individual world views and I trust, you're able to do Yoga. Everybody can. It's a practice. You don't need to be anyone. Yes, yourself. Exactly, how you feel and where you are in your life. You can begin - well, - now. 

Only, when you do it, you’ll KNOW! 
Because you FELT it! and your emotions are always the best reason and drive your choice.

Check in with me my availability for Private Sessions and come along to my Group Classes!

26. APRIL 2017, 9:30-11a

PERSONAL YOGA (1-6 ppl) 
Mondays through Fridays, 8a-4p
along the coastline from Lisbon to Cascais

Mondays & Fridays 12:30p - 2p

Tuesdays 10a - 11a & Thursdays 2p-3p

Tomorrow I’ll be on my mat. Can’t wait! 
As curious and happy and wholehearted like a kid. 

Let me know about your experience with Ashtanga Yoga and write a comment below!
Give yourself a high five and book a session!
Share the post with your friends, when you think they may be interested!

Id be grateful to hear from you!

With joy & always wild red hair ;)

Your Stef

Don't miss Andreas Loh's Piano Music


Join, R. Sharath: Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana


Source: http://kpjayi.org


Okay, okay. Im still working on my Newsletter List. Its copy-paste work and not my fav. Yet so essential work to reach you. That's what Id love to.

Again, Im using my blog to share with you my 2nd Newsletter. From April on, I'll post monthly on the last Wednesday of a month and share my insights with you about the direct link from Ashtanga Yoga on the mat to daily ordinary life. My goal is to make Yoga tangible as such a rich source. YOGA IS EVERYDAY LIFE. EVERYDAY LIFE IS YOGA. 

Thank you reading through my story. 

So, how you have been these days?

Probably... busy! That's ok. 

I emphasize with you. 

Days are coming and going. You're slinging from one appointment to the other, fulfilling your roles the best way you can and having a good word for everyone around you. On top of all that, sometimes in the mind may slip this thought about the Yoga Practice with a huge sigh. Oh dear, that's what I was going to do too, but couldn't fit it in yet. 

I hear you, and know the lil' hidden resistance to integrate a consistent personal practice. In the beginning it seems like, it takes time from your tight schedule but in fact, once you'll allow it into life, it'll create so much more room through health and presence, clarity and determination. 

But wait, hang in a minute! Yoga is so much more than a practice on the mat. Yoga is life, everyday life. It can be, for example, music. Im sure, you know that freeing feeling of singing in your car, grooving around your house or just drifting away somewhere inspired by lyrics and notes into your ears and heart. 

Music plays a significant role in my life as it has the capacity to translate emotions,, interrelations, phases, cycles of daily life in such a connective, if not spiritual way.

My son's name Zion is inspired by Lauryn Hill's song "To Zion". 

About 15 years ago my sister Carolin and I went on a trip through France all the way down to Barcelona. Young and adventurous, we hit the road and music was our best companion. I remember, that "To Zion" was always on the loop in my earphones, when I spent time with me and my thoughts. Little did I understand about her message in this song but I felt deeply touched by it. Only, when my son was conceived this song came straight back into my memory. I listened to it again, understood the story and my heart felt like arrived. This was the moment, I chose my son's name. 

You know, at the time before my pregnancy, I had poured my heart into Ashtanga Yoga already for two years; into my personal practice as well as learning how to teach it. Basically, it was 24/7 and I loved it. Also, my life was still pretty unstable as I didn't know, how my journey would unfold. I came to Portugal with a suitcase by car, dedicated my life to Yoga, fell in love and with a huge surprise I was becoming a mom. Gulp! Yes. That's how I felt. 

Here is what I learnt. 

Life IS full of surprises. Especially with those ones we weren't asking for. Right?  
Ashtanga Yoga helped me at a time of fear and scary insecurity to connect deeply with my intuition, with my womanhood and undeniable strength. It became crystal clear that no single circumstance would hold me back from being the mom chosen by my son Zion. And Lauryn Hill's song"To Zion" so much helped me to live and own my story.

Music is pretty amazing and definitely a kinda Yoga. Think about a song that touches you! Ask yourself why!

It'll take you out of your schedule for lil' moment and connect you to your heart, soul, body - you name it, how you feel it! You can dance and sing along too ;). 

When you like, share with your friends, comment below and tell me your story. 

I'd be so grateful to hear from you. 

Meantime, just know, Im looking forward to be practicing with you and seeing what may unfold. 

With love and stay tuned ;).

Your Stef

P.S.: My current schedule

PERSONAL YOGA (1-6 ppl) 
Mondays through Fridays, 7a-12p  
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 2:30p - 4p
along the coastline from Lisbon to Cascais

Mondays & Fridays 12:30-2p @Yoga Lisboa
Travessa do Cabral N4, Lisbon

My sis, Zion & me = L.O.V.E.

My sis, Zion & me = L.O.V.E.


As an former athlete from the age of 6-16 trust me, when I say, I love goals and most of all, I love to go for AND achieve them. Speaking from that experience, I remember myself as an absolutely focused young girl and training hard. My life was all about sport, competition and being fast. I felt devastated, when I didn't win, when the hard work didn't pay off. Worst, I even began to define myself through my results. Holy s*%$ !

Let me tell you this, with all my warmth and knowledge, I support you along your individual Yoga path. I'll be there and engage with you on your personal goal. We'll define it precisely, track it, review it, adapt and weave it into your personal practice. Ashtanga Yoga though, is not a train and check-box activity. Even though it demands physical engagement than any other form of Yoga, this ancient practice is about to surrender and trust in something that we don't know yet. The Unknown and Unpredictability is the space, I will hold you safely and share with you. We need to go exactly there as we may need to withstand a few time of practice and practice and practice over and over again, in order to reach your goal and so much more beyond the surface.

The only thing I know for sure is, it's all about the process and not about to win. And, what reveals may not be exactly what you were going for in the first place but surely it'll be magic and will lead you to where you need to be. To the uniqueness of yourself! 

Class given at Yoga Lisboa - Ashtanga Yoga Shala


It's family time and we take it serious. Zion and I celebrate Sunday Mornings with bonding time on the mat. It's not just the Yoga that I share with him. It's him too sharing his kinda Yoga things - today there are his car and tennis ball and guess what's all around us! 

Planting the seed of Yoga can't be early enough in life - appreciation, gratitude, connection and love.

beginning of the Ashtanga Yoga Practice

beginning of the Ashtanga Yoga Practice

end of the Ashtanga Yoga Practice

end of the Ashtanga Yoga Practice


"Home is inside of me" was the topic of the workshop I was able to share with the International Women Portugal (IWP). With an inspiring group of more than 20 women from all over the world we got to explore the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, its healing system and capacity of helping find a room inside oneself that is called home. 

We asked questions: How am I feeling today? How do I feel my body? What does it mean - home? 

For me, home is a room of safety and protection, love, care and truth. It is where I show up and I'm heard in a scared environment, seen in the present moment, the way I am, able to respond, to feel, to engage, embrace, encounter. All the beauty, the "in love" moments and all the brutality, the "in pain" moments. Over nine years Ive learnt with Ashtanga Yoga to create and build such a room inside me. With compassion and lots of roller coaster rides. There is no such great feeling of being connected with myself through my body, which allows me to connect with others and engage with life. 



Last week had some events to offer. Along with my memories of the workshop with IWP I'm sharing here my moments in my personal Yoga studies and teaching. 

Sharmila Desai, one of the few women, who are certified by the KPJAYI came to Portugal from 9 - 12 February, to share her wisdom and joy of Ashtanga Yoga with us at Ashtanga Yoga Cascais. Actually, receiving her teaching was a rare opportunity, since she has barely traveled for giving workshops. Besides her practice and work, she chose to fully live her role as a mom of her two kids.

Sharmila published a book instead, together with Anna Wise in 2014. It carries the title "Yoga Sadhana" for mothers, and it's about the role and integrity of Ashtanga Yoga during pregnancy, in motherhood and family life.  To me the book has become a dear friend. As written in the introduction, it's given me "strength, peace of mind, and joy" along the journey of motherhood. I reread it over and over again, take my notes, (my son has left his pencil marks too...) and I use it often, when working with pregnant women. This book was so needed. It shares wisdom, love and such precious diversity helping pregnant women and mothers to engage in their own journey and Yoga path wholeheartedly and faithfully. 

Therefore, I was so excited to meet her and am very grateful to have studied with her.  Sharmila teaches gently and caring from an inner place filled with truth, beauty and integrity. It touched me with love in my own process; I could embrace "what is" with grace and patience. 


Last but not least, @Green Lotus we've began to teach Ashtanga Yoga classes. Green Lotus is a community project run by my friend Miriam. She is a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, a dear mom of her two year old boy and a woman with her own rules and dreams. 

Our classes are Mondays and Wednesdays 3 - 4:30 p. 

They are given in an open house, where everybody is welcome to stay and relax. 
Also the environment of Guincho invites to an escape or break or moment of joy.