"Home is inside of me."

  — Stefanie Birkholz, Expat


As an expat and traveller we live away from our original home. Our reasons are diverse and colourful - we may feel a call or want to leave something behind or need to take on work - yet our invisible backpack remains our companion forever, where ever we go, wherever we root, build and work. When we want to ask basic questions of existence, value our personal needs or heal injuries, then it does not matter where we are in this world - the invisible backpack is to open and the journey begins to be about you, with you.

We aim to support you to make room for your individual quests and embark with you on the most adventurous and insightful travel of your lifetime - the one into your inner world and with consequences. Your compass is Yoga and it helps to feel comfortable inside of you like home. Adapted to your schedule and conditions we will integrate together the best option for a beneficial Yoga practice and, if needed, other complementary therapies.

Sometimes, we think, all is good with me and life. But, when we try a Yoga class, we may see how much better it can be. Experience your first Ashtanga Yoga practice! It will serve you with an answer.