The benefits of a consistent practice are rich and reach far beyond physical health. Yet, the body’s condition of health is the indicator for the well-being of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
They intercorrelate with each other and uniquely unravel at the right time of the practitioners process on the mat and life. Here is a selection of the benefits to inspire at least.

  •  improves the health by detoxifying the physical body, building and remaining it clean and strong
  • stabilises the body by balancing strength and flexibility
  • reduces stress and anxiety by calming the mind and soothing the nervous system
  • balances emotions by strengthening the body and mind 
  • rises the energy and vitality level by taking in an extend amount of oxygen
  • softens and vanishes bad self-talk by opening up for self-love and increasing confidence
  • stops suffering through self - knowledge
  • supports healing processes, f.e. from spine, knee, other injuries or emotional scares
  • eases menstrual pain
  • arises awareness
  • teaches to be focused
  • inspires to look for the soul and live a life in truth
  • makes happy and content, and smile