"Yoga is simple. You get up everyday and do your practice.
Everything else will come automatically."

— Sharath Jois at Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI)

How to take care of myself with Yoga

Getting healthier, healing from injury, taking a break, becoming more conscious, ROOM FOR MYSELF aims to help you, who is inspired and willing to make resolutions come true in life with Yoga.

Based in Carcavelos, Portugal ROOM FOR MYSELF allows to focus on working with expats finding their homes along the line from Cascais to Lisbon. In English and German, we invite business women & men, householders, pregnant women, mothers and holidaymakers.

Specialising in one-to-one and semi-private sessions ROOM FOR MYSELF addresses your quests and needs, defines them precisely and weaves them in your daily schedule and personal Yoga practice. Together, we will get started, learn to sustain and value self-care and balance it as a solid foundation and rich source for the inner relation and to others. Supported by a network of excellent doctors, therapists and coaches, we trust not your results matter but your journey, as it will reveal insights and joy and lead successfully to the integrity of change.

Wether it is a dive into a short-term experience or the growth of a strong bond, ROOM FOR MYSELF meets you in the moment of your life, holds your space on the mat without expectation. You may enjoy your achievements and so much more beyond - your gift of Yoga.

An offering

Private Yoga Sessions as unique as you are. With a special offering we are inviting you to experience three sessions. And, together we'll figure out, how it could work for you. For more details, pls contact us! 

Ashtanga Yoga Small Group Program. Residência do Sol, Avenida Marginal 8648, 2750-427 Cascais. Meeting at Lobby, 10:10a. RESUMES IN SEPTEMBER, 2018.


Ashtanga Yoga For Lunch at Downtown Lisbon; with Stefanie at Aravinda Yoga Shala. SUMMER SCHEDULE Tuesdays 12:45p - 2:15p with Tiago Machado.